The romantic lead is much more than just his abs, people!

Turns out, he’s an excellent singer as well! Earlier this year while preparing for the release of his blockbuster movie, ‘365 Days‘ the Polish lead star released his debut album ‘Dark Room.’

Since then, the Polish movie has gone to Netflix and has consistently maintained its spot in the top 10 popular for a good few weeks solidifying it as a blockbuster, online, and in cinemas across the country.

For Michele Morrione, success didn’t come only from his film but his music as well with the album topping charts not only in Poland but in other countries, too.

The 10-track debut album is sensual and a tad erotic making it an excellent pair accompaniment to ‘365 Days’ which actually adapted four songs off the album for its musical scoring: Hard For Me, Feel It, Watch Me Burn, and Dark Room.

While the album exudes sensuality, it does hold Morrone’s a perfect embodiment of Morrone’s artistic soul as well with the leading man not only having a knack for singing, but also for sculpting and painting too.

A few days ago on HalaHI, a middle-eastern app that sells personalized videos from their favorite celebs, Michele Morone told a fan that he was coming back for a sequel of ‘365 Days.’ The actor was on the platform as well to raise money for charity to which he easily raised $ 14, 000 in 24 hours! Talk about being a philanthropist as well!

With his promise to come back onto the big screen for the sequel of his hit movie, Morrione also wishes to hit the studios soon to produce more music for the world.

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