Let us celebrate another outstanding artist who reigned for three consecutive weeks in our #uDOuTop10OPMSongs!

Let’s dive into the music of Inigo Pascual and his winning track ‘Balang Araw’!

Filipino R&B and Popstar, Inigo Pascual captivated the hearts of many by his own charm and of course, his undeniable prowess in singing. We all know you did dance along with his head-boppy tracks like his 2016 hit single, ‘Dahil Sayo‘, well, so are we!

After breaking barriers and having chart-topping singles, we cannot deny how this young artist has totally grown and has fostered his own craft so much. To attest to how much the public loves him, we feature him today as one of the selected few who has reigned on uDOu’s campaign to support OPM artists with Top 10 Songs of the Week: Latest Edition!, one of the few artists with over 20,000 votes!

We are presenting Inigo Pascual to continually celebrate the victory of our TOP 5 artists that made it on our Weekly Top OPM Songs. Check out our first-ever exclusive interview with All Time Winner Edition: Inigo Pascual

Inigo Pascual

Inigo Pascual's "Balang Araw"

To give you some refresher, Inigo actually stayed for nine years in the US but he eventually moved back to the Philippines and of course, the rest is history! He became one of the most sought-after solo artists’ not just by showing his cute grin but mainly of course because he offered his great talent in singing, and dancing! The young Pascual totally earned recognition in the Filipino music industry. 

Apart from his many singing achievements, he also dropped his self-titled debut album at 19 years old, he also landed on various roles for both TV shows and Movies. Oh! and what’s more exciting is that because of his own craft, he is also starting to gain international stardom.

To get to know the down-to-earth Popstar behind such great tracks, let’s discover his new hobbies during quarantine, his tips to every aspiring artist, and more through our interview below!


His Own Music

Known for his feel-good tracks and his intimate aesthetic covers that made his dreamy vocals floating atop, there’s no wonder why a lot of his fans fell in love with his own music. It is quite obvious how Inigo has already mastered his own craft and how he strikes an emotional chord regardless of collaborator, or genre as he finds success in syncs in any of them.

Did you know that after a series of releases, he is not done yet? He has been busy weaving in such awesome tracks for you guys! We will get to know more soon! More so, Inigo shared that he really wanted to stick with the ‘Island kind Pinoy vibe’ when it comes to his music.

“When I started working on this album, I told my producer I really wanted to make it have that island kind of Pinoy vibe, you know. Even if we’re tryna crossover, even if we’re tryna work with different producers from different countries, I still wanna keep it that vibe na island, na Pinoy. And I just wanted to make music that’s really fun. Something danceable and that kind of represents who I am as a person.” Inigo shared.

 A Man in Waiting 

Speaking of his tracks, we spotted some very important pieces of him buried within the track itself that initially caught our attention and probably his fans too. It created a somewhat romantic impression of the melodies and its beautiful lyricism that pertains to ‘waiting’.

 “So some of the songs in this album are personal to me and s’yempre the one I just released Balang Araw that one I think ‘yun yung pinaka naging emotional ako n’ung nirecord ko yung kantang ‘yun sa studio and it was my very first time to actually be that emotional during a recording session kasi it’s a song that was very personal to me nung sinusulat ko siya and it took some time for me to actually be able to record it and to actually release it. I think it took two years before I was able to release it.” he expressed.

Wanna feel encouraged? Give it a listen now below!


In case you don’t know yet, “Balang Araw” was released in the midst of the pandemic and we bet that it’s really the perfect timing for Inigo to release it. Produced under Star Music, it’s definitely the young artist’s love letter about embracing hope and trust.

It’s like he read our minds! The message of spending our lives hoping and waiting is there but it’s impossible if we don’t trust that there something greater that is yet to come for us. What’s more, Inigo shared that Maris Racal is a big inspiration behind the song, and take note, they even wrote this track together!

“Well, at the time that I was writing this, actually it was very public. Actually, I sang it on GGV. At the time I was promoting with my loveteam at the time si Maris and ‘yun I can’t deny the fact that she was a big inspiration in this song and we were writing this song together. Actually, she was writing Ikaw Lang Sapat Na and I was writing Balang Araw at that time.” he added.


On Asia Rising Forever

Another thing we admire about this young star is how he was able to create and promote his own music to our neighboring countries.  Recently we saw this when he performed together with the 88rising artists on Asia Rising Forever, a live stream festival that showcased the most exciting Asian talents from around the world. 

“Syempre ako, I was excited and nervous at the same time.I found out when I was in LA. I was actually recording and doing some promos over there and then someone from my team, Roslyn actually told me na 88rising was gonna work with us and then I was like what is it for and at the time it was actually for the launch of their radio station in the States called Asia Rising and syempre ayun na excite ako, natakot ako, sabi ko “Anong dapat kong kantahin?” And then they said you could sing any covers that you want and then ‘yun syempre masaya ako.” he shared.

As expected the 23-year old hitmaker, made us totally proud and his fans absolutely gave him full support during the live streaming. Well, in case you missed it, you can see it for yourself below!


“Super grateful to be able to represent the Philippines and to be able to raise our flag in that way and honestly I’m a big fan of 88rising so just to be able to work with them is a dream come true.” he stated.

Any tips for aspiring artists?

We are betting that a lot of people would say that Inigo Pascual is truly a big star who won awards and so on but we can honestly tell that he is absolutely down to earth in person and very friendly when it comes to interviews, it was just like speaking to a regular talented human! The hitmaker also shared some tips for every music enthusiast out there or to those who have the same dream as he has. 

“Even if you’re going through something like this, you shouldn’t stop writing. As long as you have ideas. As long as it’s there, write it down. If you are able to release it, release it through Youtube. There’s so many ways to release it nowadays. Actually, yun yung nagging good siguro sa nangyayari is that we have technology. We have Youtube. We have Facebook, Instagram. It’s so easy for us to release any content. So, para sakin wag kayong matakot syempre.” -Inigo Pascual

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“Sa mga nag susulat diyan, don’t be afraid of what people will think of your music because, ako to be honest, when I wrote Dahil Sayo, I didn’t think that people would like it. It was a song that I personally, was kind of nervous for kasi I was kinda, I wouldn’t say I wasn’t a fan of the song but when I first wrote it pero hindi ako confident. Pero pag nirelease mon a, dun mop ala makikita na okay pala yung sinulat mo. Diba sometimes we are our own worst critique.” he added.

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