And now we’re down to our 3rd All-Time Winner who has been reigning top 1 in our #uDOuTop10SongsoftheWeek for three consecutive weeks, with their track ‘Hanggang Sa Huli, SB19!

As the hailed P-pop group that we’ve known to break barriers in the country SB19 continues to give us more than what they have already given. Their reign on uDOu’s campaign to support OPM artists with Top 10 Songs of the Week: Latest Edition is indeed a testament that SB19 has nowhere to go but up!

We are presenting the All-Time Winner Edition Polls to continually celebrate the victory of our Top 5 artists that made it on our Weekly Top OPM Songs.

So A’TIN check out our second exclusive interview with uDOu’s All-Time Winner: SB19!

The Group SB19

As the first-ever P-pop group to debut in the Philippines, SB19, is composed of 5 members, Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin, a living proof that dreams do come true.


From undergoing trainings in Korea to being able to be part of the group, to their launch in the Philippines, and their debut of the group’s first-ever single ‘Tilaluha’, this group has continued to surprise and surpass their audience’s expectations with what they can offer.

In case you already didn’t know, these boys aren’t just singers because they are very much talented in dancing, songwriting, and yes even choreography. Even though they were trained in Korea, and their branding mirrors that of Korean groups and artists, SB19 stands by their roots as Filipino artists, singing and performing music in the Filipino language.

All over the world 

With the ever-changing landscape of A-pop going out into the mainstream platform internationally & with the sudden rise of Asian artists’ like BTS which showcases the talents of different artists in the ASEAN, a lot of groups have taken the way of bringing music all over the world to the next level.

Undeniably, one of these groups is SB19. With a wide range of following from all over the world, with over 1.11 million subscribers in their Youtube channel and 1 million followers on Facebook, these boys have continued to bring oneness to their fans with their music.

They are the very first ones to cultivate a close-knit community of their fans (A’TIN) of which the Filipino entertainment scene has never seen before. Along with such milestone is their performances like their first-ever Get in the Zone nationwide concert in Manila that is a gift to their fandom as it was for FREE! (I never saw any artist do this TBH).  

I’d say that if this keeps then maybe just maybe we have our ticket towards recognition and hopefully domination internationally. I mean, they already were recognized and were awarded as breakthrough artists’ in the two highest regarded award shows in the country!

But wait there’s more! Because SB19 doesn’t just perform and win awards, they also break records when it comes to their music. Just this year, they got number 2 at the Billboard Social 50 and even soared on top of other well-known artists around the world.

Although they have already reached a lot of milestones throughout their career, SB19 doesn’t stop here. The boys still have a lot of hopes and dreams they want to achieve together.

Bukod sa  pag gawa ng sariling album, yung talagang self-produced namin, one of the main goals in the near future is ma-establish po talaga yung P-pop dito sa Pilipinas. Gusto po naming ma-establish and magkaroon ng refinement yung P-pop dito sa Pilipinas and ma-promote siya all over the world, Sejun says.

Although they are aware that this dream of theirs is a collective effort of not just them but of other Pinoy groups and artists just like them, the group promises to continue to do their part to be able to let the world know and give attention to Filipino music.

Pinoy Pride

Apart from coming up with music penned in the Filipino language, SB19 also wants to be able to help the country’s economy through their music just like what the K-pop industry did for South Korea. As Josh said in the interview,

“Gusto po naming maka attract ng tourists para maka tulong sa ekonomiya ng Philippines and mapromote yung language and culture natin.” – Josh

Now, this goal of the boys to make P-pop know all over the world doesn’t just revolve in them being able to perform in front of people. It goes all the way to help their fellow countrymen get through all the negativity and hardships surrounding the country today. SB19 hopes to be that bridge from loneliness to oneness in this time of negativity and sadness.

“Lately, puro negative feel sa Pilipinas with all that’s happening. Sana isa kami sa maging reason para mabawasan yung negativity kasi tayo tayo lang din naman yung magtutulungan. Gusto naming ma-spread yung positive vibes,” Josh added.

And we can see that through SB19’s released track ‘Ikako’ which was produced during the height of the pandemic. The song talks about lifting each other up and getting through hard times together.

Check the track below!


Arguably, our favorite boys don’t just do this for fame but have done so with a bigger and more intentional purpose: To lift up the banner of Filipino artists globally and to pave the way for our culture to be known all over the globe. Because all these will eventually lead to the betterment of our country and that just makes them even more lovable!

A Deep Dive into their music

As we all have seen, Sb19’s tracks have a wide range of genres. From the upbeat tracks “Go Up” and “Alab” to their ballad “Hanggang Sa Huli”, to their surprising and synchronous and well-incorporated choreography that comes with it, you would really think and be in awe of how dedicated and hardworking these boys are.


Here’s Sejun and what he has to say on the process of ideation and execution of their songs:

“Kapag dumating yung demo sa grupo, papakinggan po naming yan hanggang maisipan naming kung ano yung bagay na theme dun sa kanta. Tapos pag dating sa choreography, nagtutulungan po kami para mas mapabilis yung process pero minsan napapabagal din kasi madaming ideas.”

True enough, there isn’t a short way to go about when it comes to coming up with what and how they would crafting the release. But, at the end of the day, these boys do make it a point to make the right calls to be able to give us the music and performance their fans deserve and love. And so, they do work hard for it. Teamwork sure does make the dream work!

Can’t get enough? Check Out the FULL Interview below!


Oh, and don’t forget! The official MV for ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ is out now!


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