After introducing our first-ever All-Time Winner spot holder, let’s now dive into the indie darling who notched the 2nd spot, Denice Lao!

Holding the spot for three weeks is totally not that easy, but thanks to all the supporters, friends, and family of Denice Lao, she made it to be the 2nd All-Time Winner! Yay! Take it from us, here at uDOu, we love supporting the indie artists bopping forward and continually creating their craft.

In line with that, we are presenting the All-Time Winner Edition Polls to continually celebrate the victory of our TOP 5 artists that made it on our Weekly Top OPM Songs. Now, check out our first-ever exclusive interview of uDOu’s All-Time Winner: Denice Lao! 

Denice Lao

denice -lao

Known for her poetic-pop tracks, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Denice Lao is definitely offering us her soulful and contemporary folk feel releases. You could have seen her busking on Eastwood or playing on live gigs (before lockdown hunkered down us at our own respective homes).

We are betting that you fell in love also with her patterned verses the first time you listen to her. With her shared pieces, you definitely breathe into life or somehow relax your soul in this busy world we live in. 4

To know the woman behind such great tracks, let’s discover her bubbly personality, her tips to every aspiring artist, and more through our interview below!


Finally Home

Just like everybody else, Denice totally felt like an average girl who is yearning for her purpose or her main thing. She tried busking, joining a singing contest, and felt bad about being losing yet she kept on striving until she fostered her own craft. 

“Growing up as a kid, I enjoyed being a storyteller like ‘bahay-bahayan’. Kunwari mag-iimbento kami ng mga kwento basta  ako ‘yung laging storyteller. So, ‘yun lang ‘yung lagi kong na-eenjoy sa life. Until, a friend of mine invited me to join in a choir. And for the first time in my life, I felt like, I have something for me. All of a sudden, I’m not hating myself anymore for not performing so well– in math or on things that everybody else are good at. Music became something not I’m not the best but for some reason, I never stopped and end up trying again.”- Denice Lao

She never imagined that she would find herself writing her own songs and releasing tracks. Later on, along with the jam of traffic sound of the city, Denice found herself spritely running up to the stage to introduce her tracks on the stage of special gigs. 

As the band finally set up and the room has been tamed into silence, that’s the time when Denice finally realizes that she’s finally at home with her own music. 

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To the awesome people who gave their best despite my indecision, anxiety and spontaneity, a big hug and thanks. 💛

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Just ‘Breathe’

Recorded in her bedroom alone during the long quarantine months, this track is basically a refreshment in time while crazy kind of stuff is happening in the world. To be honest, we cannot deny how we became mad and suffocated while we’re all hunkered down in our own respective homes.

Kicked off with the chirping sounds of the bird, this track will surely calm your hearts even in the midst of chaos. Wanna feel a little better? Give it a listen now below!


With all the anxieties we’ve experienced, Denice penned metaphorical verses as a reflection on how to survive during the toughest emotional breakdowns in the pandemic.

“The first verse was actually about setting the situation. It’s me saying, ‘Im in a pandemic’. So, I was thinking like what do I want to do with this. Sabi ko kasi I wanna fight and then, I remember my family, everyone. So, I had these suicidal days as in malala and they did their part to help me. That’s why I wrote this song, to see the people who love me and I will always remember it through this song.” Denice expressed.

Basically, ‘Breathe‘ is like a love letter for every people out there. It’s like a sweet note for people that we love or we longed to see— reminding them to breathe a little more and hang in there.

First time to dive in?

If it’s your first time also to be immersed into her music, know that she have a song recommendation for you guys! You can imagine yourself looking at a vast sky or a landscape with a wide array of flowers through her preferred tracks for y’all!

“Araw at Buwan. First time ko nagsulat ng Filipino song tapos lumabas si Araw at Buwan. So, medyo sentimental siya sakin that day.” she added.


What’s more, ‘Araw at Buwan’ is her first Tagalog track that pertains to all the pains brought by unrequited love. If you look underneath her poetic song, she used the sun and the moon representing two women rivaling over the same love.

Kicked off with dreamy tunes and a bunch of flowers, Lao speaks her heart again in her current music video through landscapes and with the said grand metaphors. In the latter part, the music artist draws us into the depths of the song by playing with bokeh lights and old film imagery.

Her Tips

On top of that, Denice shared some tips for every aspiring singer-songwriter out there before the interview ends. Just like on the phrases of striving so hard she mentioned above, it’s important to start taking that small steps and make it into a bigger leap.

Oh! What’s more, there’s nothing wrong also to embrace failures every time you commit a ton of mistakes. What matters most is that you prepare yourself to stand again, keeping your head held high and then, fly.

For me, yung mga artist na feeling nila they’re small pa for a big gig, wag, kasi you’ll never know and you could be bigger because of that big gig not because it gave you exposure but because you realize what you don’t know. So, feeling ko, the only way to grow is to get the big things and the small things. As long as it’s within your principles as a person. “There’s never too big or too small when it comes to journeys.”

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