After reigning for three consecutive weeks on uDOu’s Top 10 Songs of the Week, we are proud to present our All-Time Winner Edition first spot holder, Garage Morning!

Get to know the band from O/C Records and their releases below!

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Check out the first-ever exclusive interview of uDOu’s All-Time Winner: Garage Morning! 

Garage Morning

Being one of the newer faces in the scene, Garage Morning has proven to forge an identity as a band that is unlike what we usually see. Apart from rock-fueled releases, there’s no doubt that this four-piece band captured the hearts of their listeners through their music that is likened to the old sounds of “yellow card” and the like.  

Garage Morning has continuously served us with different approaches to their musicality as they have taken different instrumentation and vibe with their released items. The four-piece band gave us a delicate balance of joy and sentiments through their tracks released under O/C Records.

Wanna know them more? Discover about their dream collaboration, their song recommendation, and more through our interview below!


The Story Behind

We’ll likely not be able to hear their alternative rock cherry bop—if they haven’t formed this band. We were lucky enough that they did decide to come together! And during the Zoom Interview, we got to dive underneath the soundwaves of Garage Morning—knowing more about their friendship and their music.

The Band shared with us how as young as they were back in high school when they eventually formed their band. Comprised of Nik Bustamante (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Francis Del Rosario (Drums), Marj Rojas (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals) and Roy Eriga (Bass and Vocals), they eventually mustered enough courage to compose such great pieces and perform them! And guess what, people do love seeing them play on some live gigs.  

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“Me and Nick were friends in high school, 2006 or 2007 so we ripped the name off from his cousin kasi ‘yung cousin niya part siya ng La Salle Morning band. So, sabi ko kunin nalang natin, cut the name put ‘Garage’, Garage Morning band siya. Tapos, you know plans, usually they dont push through so after 11 years, fast forward to 2017, we took it seriously. Then, si Francis or Eps, he’s part of our high school barkada then. so we got him for the drums & percussion. And then si Marj, i met her at work that same time. then we just kinda gelled together. we’ve been doing gigs ever since start of 2018. ” -Roy Eriga

And, after discovering a mix of their own sound, finally, they launched their 5-song EP last May, called “My Other Car”. According to them, it was like 13 years in the making, if you counted the years back then when they were just friends with the ‘hypothetical band’.

About their music

With their unique tracks, you can definitely enjoy a musicality that is likened to some familiar vibes. Later on, they signed under O/C Records where they had given a chance to have so much freedom when it comes to their craft and also, to be introduced to a bigger platform of music. 


“Actually, there hasn’t been much difference from before. N’ung nag-gig lang kami on our own and when we signed with O/C Records cause they give us a lot of freedom with our music and everything. But when we got signed of course, mas dumami rin ‘yong gigs namin.”- Marj Rojas 

Oh! What’s more, the band recently debuted their first EP under the said record label and slated live stream events and interviews regarding their five-track EP, ‘My Other Car‘. It consists of relatively chill tracks that underpin cherry melodies such as ‘Steps‘, ‘Celine‘, ‘I Won’t Stop You Now‘, ‘I’ve Got You‘ and ‘Underneath the Waves‘.

” I think also yung reach namin when we signed with them, lumawak and we were able to reach more and more people with their platform which is really good.”-Nik Bustamante

First time to listen to them?

If it’s your first time also to dive into their music, know that they have a song recommendation for you guys! Whether you want to imagine yourself having a cup of coffee in the morning or stuck on a long road trip, check out their preferred tracks for y’all!

“I think I would suggest listening to our first release, ‘I Won’t Stop You Now’. Kasi ‘yun ‘yung song na highlight na hindi lang isa yung vocalist ng garage morning. we have Nick, we also have Roy on backing vocals, and i just really liked the riff of it and up until now ‘yun pa rin ang most played song namin.”- Marj Rojas


Additionally, Nick said that for some people who have just discovered their music, it’s best to jam with ‘Underneath The Waves’ because it is one of the first songs they have written as a band and somehow, exemplifies all the sounds that have tried back then.


On Writing ‘Steps’

Have there been times that you want someone so badly and you’re willing to give up things just to be with them? That’s exactly what ‘Steps’ made us feel. It’s like an overwhelming obsession about wanting to be with someone through everything they experience and the blissful moments associated with it.

To fully embraced it, the band also shared to us how they jive into more of a pop sound. 

 “Yung steps kasi if I remember it right, sinulat siya ni Nik. Parang instrumental lang siya noon and we were browsing through the folders, parang bakit to nandito? Ano ginagawa nito dito? Ang ganda nito bakit mo tinatago, tapusin na natin. And then, he finished the lyrics within two days so, I don’t know if the inspiration was my anger pero hindi siya y’un.” Roy explained

To complement the feel-good beat of the track, the band also released a cute and blissful music video under O/C Records. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it below to see yourself how their fans totally love this track and became our first All-Time Winner Edition spot holder!


And because we fell in love also to their track, we really recommend ‘Steps’ to every ‘Torpe’ out there to send this track to someone they really admire! We are betting that this ‘dedication song’ would finally make your hidden feelings be unveiled! Yay! 

A special message from the band

In the later part of the interview, Garage Morning also shared some tips for the younger generation or to anyone who wants to pursue music. Based on their experience, it’s essential to invest in your connections in the industry and have good friends who will truly support you on or off on the stage. 

“I would tell them if they have an idea and if they think they have the resources to pull it off, just do it. Don’t wait for yourself to become the best at it because eventually if you’re already good at something and you fail when you take that leap. You’re eventually going to fail so you might as well barge at the door. Keep trying, basically, that’s what we did, we were working our day jobs, tapos parang bakit hindi, bakit hindi natin pahirapan sarili natin? At the same time, lahat kami after gigs no matter how late it ends, mapapangiti pa rin kami kahit pagod na pagod na and i think it’s really worth it talaga.” Roy shared.

To add some, Nik also shared that it is also wise to try in getting as much advice as you can from people you play with, listen to, and write songs with. And yep, take note also to keep your creativity flowing!

 “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. if you have doubts about it, its easier said than done but dont. eventually good music will find its way to the ears of people who are willing to listen. keep at it, keep creating. dont be afraid to put it out there.” Francis added.

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