Ever since its emergence, new media has proven to be a powerful tool in any kind of movement. For instance, MTV assisted in molding hip-hop culture’s worldwide audience and the lifestyle into a global phenomenon. We strongly feel the importance of respecting and acknowledging those who came before us.
So with a similar vision, we aim to be a platform for local artists to gain exposure and appreciation.
“You Do You” is a phrase that we started using in AfterParty as we grind towards creating original and out-of-the-box content for the rest of the world to see. We are changing how the Filipino local scene is perceived in both the local and global arena—that we have a vibrant local music scene and, to top it all off, world-class artists that are worthy of a global audience.
This is what we hope to achieve with not only in our events, our app, our videos, and now our blog.


Hello Media’s proprietary multimedia interactive platform provides entertainment that uniquely connects the three main media outlets, online, mobile and television; capitalizing on the demand from today’s generation of digital consumers seeking entertainment, interaction and user generated content.


Afterparty is a free platform for everyone to use. Unlock possibilities as you get invited to the hottest events in town. Get a chance to connect with like-minded individuals as you enjoy a whole new music experience with in-app rewards that can get you VIP passes and freebies that are to die for.

Discover a whole new exciting way of connecting with Afterparty’s Chuzi Game; The game lets you meet people with the same tastes in music and events. You get to guess from the top three randomized selection of event goers. Try your luck out as you swipe right to make a connection. Admire and get admired without the fear of rejection and the awkward first meeting in the way. Afterparty got you covered.

In a nutshell – Afterparty is three things: INVITE.CONNECT.REWARDS

Invite Friends for free,

Just share the unique link generated to your verified Facebook account and rake in-app freebies from your favorite brand sponsors.
Connect with like-minded people,

Get a chance to connect and meet awesome people by playing Afterparty’s Chuzi Game, where connecting has never been this fun.

Grab amazing deals with our brand partners as you rake in downloads in exchange for premium freebies and prizes.



Is one of the most sought after young artists in the Philippines. His passion and dedication to his craft helped springboard his career to one of the top MC’s of the country.



Founder and Dreamer.