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Who are we, you ask? U Do U simply put is an abbreviation of You Do You. A platform for the community of youthful and vibrant Filipinos all over the world. We want every Filipino to express themselves and their interests in any areas of entertainment, lifestyle, music, gaming and dance through us and with us. Supported by caffeine-dependent and nocturnal busy bees, we aim to create an online space where you could freely be you.

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U Do U Music gears towards a safe platform for the artists in the Philippine music scene. Taking promotion and exposure on a different level, U Do U dives deeper in the indie community to discover new and up and coming artists to bring them to the forefront of our music scene. U Do U Music provides Latest Drop in-depth reviews of new releases by fresh names in the community and big artists alike

OPM Disc, on the other hand, gives the readers a list of song suggestions that they could discover and fuel up their playlists. Under our Music category, U Do U also takes time to get to know artists through an Encore Feature and also provides information on the Hottest Events around the metro—may it be a gig or big music events and festivals. In our platforms, the audience will also see a variety in our artists—U Do U Music also takes time to check out international acts in order to satisfy our readers’ diverse tastes.

And to give more credit to aspiring up and coming artists in the scene, there is also the U Do U Top 10 Pick to acknowledge the new artists we have noticed moving their way up in the community.

Moving forward with a bigger vision to promote our local music scene, U Do U branched out to a new platform called Music Dive. Music Dive is a channel with three segments namely Music Dive, Music Experience, and Micdrop. The segment called Music Dive seeks up and coming artists to give them the spotlight that they need by having them over for an interview, a fun game, and song performances. Through Music Experience, on the other hand, we take the time to go to gigs and music events to discover other amazing artists and giving emphasize on their talents while performing on stage. Micdrop is a vlog-style segment that talks about anything music-related in a manner that the audience can enjoy and relate to. Dive into the music by getting to know the artist through our Music Dive channel, and U Do U Music!


UDOU Gaming, serves as an avenue for streamers, games, and of course, the hottest gaming events to gain exposure, all for the love of gaming.

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Segments is ENCORE FEATURES featuring the Weekly Top 5 Rising Streamers. It’s for who wants to showcase their skills and make their name be known throughout the gaming community with one click away!

Also, be in the loop when it comes to the industry as we focus on the latest GAMING news. Tournaments, events, esports personalities, game releases–you name it, we got it.

But of course, that’s not all! Here in U Do U Gaming we create our own events or so we’d like to call, GAME NIGHTS, such as Retro Game Night, Tekken 7 Game Night, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game Night!

Basically, U Do U Gaming is a one-stop-shop for all of your gaming needs! So what are you waiting for? Everything’s set and now, we’re only waiting for you to board on the U Do U Gaming train.


LIFESTYLE is defined as, “the way in which a person or group lives.” And it can also be summed up simply as a “way of life.” Well, we here at U Do U have a very simple way of life, so simple that it’s even in the name: U Do U. We believe that there is no wrong or right way to live life, as long as you do you.

That is why we have dedicated this space on our platform for each and everyone’s Lifestyle. It’s a safe space that tackles everything and anything under the sun for readers from all walks of life. From the best places that serve all the best FOOD to the newest BEAUTY trend you should try—we’ve got it all!

And what would a Lifestyle platform be without discussions on LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS? So we also have relationship advice articles just for you in your time of need!

ART? FASHION? We’ve got those too! Sometimes we can get a little snarky because that’s the beauty of being you. So expect us to dish out a little dirt on some iffy fashion trends. As well as geek-out on our favorite artists.


U Do U has been known to cater to events from music, to gaming, to anything in between.

this section we keep you up to date with all the latest happenings in and out of the metro with a complete list and run down of all that is to come!

From U Do U’s own events to all other events, we gotchu!

So make sure to stay up to date with us! Subscribe to all our media handles and download our app and get to be in the know and you might also get to win amazing prizes and rewards in the process!


Holding on to the latest scoops in the entertainment industry, U Do U is a community and platform that provides reliable news to get you up-to-date!  

Be it trending or VIRAL issues, DIRTY LAUNDRY about certain phenomena, or even ENCORE FEATURES about your favorite personalities, we are ready and equipped with caffeine-powered writers who are quick on their feet to fully give you the deets you need. Regularly, we can also take you on a journey to the past with a TIME CAPSULE.

Anything other than tea? We got it. Opinions? We give them genuinely and informatively. Truth or just a rumor? We find out together! Backed up with research and the right mix of attitude, we make sure that articles on entertainment are fresh, engaging, and will leave the curiosity in you satisfied.

Of course, in the building of an ever-growing community, we are also looking forward to your contributions. So what are you waiting for? Click here, simply be yourself, and join us in our thirst for adventure and fun here at U Do U!

U Do U Dance Category focuses on everything and anything that is dance related

From our creation of All the Way Up, a premiere Dance league tournament in the country to our endless support in the dance community with our partnership with World Dance League (India), U Do U’s mission is to make the dance community a bit smaller and tighter through creating the best dance experiences for all things related to dance.

What are you waiting for? Join us and get in the action early as it happens when it happens!