Almost 10 years since we last saw them as Nam and Shone in Crazy Little Thing Called Love, now Mario Maurer and Pimchanok “Baifern” Luevisadpaibul is back together in a new film titled, Laser Candy!

And because of their on-screen chemistry and their on par good looks, they’re definitely a match made in heaven worth looking out for. Fans, including us, can’t help but get excited to see Mario and Baifern in Laser Candy. After all, they’re the first movie couple that made us experience our pre-puberty kilig and showed us what it truly means to have your first love.

Mario Baifern Laser Candy

Baifern and Mario Maurer from

So if you’re excited as much as we are, here are some details you need to know:

Twitter saw it first…

Apparently, news of Mario and Baifern starring in a new film hasn’t been made official yet. But a Twitter user named ‘A Fangirl’s Heart’ (@AFanHeart_twt) glady shared what she found out after stumbling on a certain IMDb page.

Mario and Baifern will have the lead roles

Much to our surprise, there is indeed a movie called Laser Candy  registered on IMDb. However, there isn’t much detail about its release date and plot. Good news is we already know the cast and yes, it’s Mario as Bobby and Baifern as Lana leading the said film.

Laser Candy

IMDb Laser Candy

Laser Candy, a sci-fi romance story

But if you think that’s all, ‘A Fangirl’s Heart’ wasn’t contended with this information and did a little bit of digging of her own.

Although she didn’t mention her source, it’s probably alright to get psyched up by just knowing that will see Mario and Baifern together in the future. Agree?

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