A lot of high-end brands have tried to make this style trend…

But will Transparent Fashion finally be en vogue this 2020?

Transparent Fashion This 2020


I’m sure you all remember the transparent bags and umbrellas we all donned a few years back. But it’s rise in recent years is found in both high-fashion and sported by celebrities. So will it finally make its mark this year? Will Transparent fashion finally be en vogue (read: in fashion) this year?

So what exactly is Transparent Fashion? So although transparent fashion isn’t exactly new, there is a consistent rise of Transparent Fashion pieces. And we’ve seen them pop up here and there throughout the years. And you can probably guess from the name that it utilizes transparent material. It’s either the entire piece is made of the stuff, or it’s used as an element of interest.

As we’ve mentioned there are brands and celebrities that have donned Transparent Fashion through the years, so here are some of them:

Kim Kardashian’s Transparent Boots

Transparent Fashion This 2020


Nike Air Force 1 Premium ‘Fantastic Four Invisible Woman’

Transparent Fashion This 2020

MaverikSwim’s Berlin Transparent Waterproof Beach Shorts

Transparent Fashion This 2020

Ariana Grande Wearing A Transparent Plastic Coat

Transparent Fashion This 2020

Bode Transparent PVC Penny Workwear Jacket

Transparent Fashion This 2020


Although personally, we’re not particularly interested in this fashion trend. But if there’s a rise of Transparent Fashion this 2020, we’re honestly more concerned of its environmental impact. And most especially if this trend reaches fast fashion. But for now, it’s mostly confined to high-fashion brands. And you wouldn’t throw away a $2,500 coat, would you?


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So what do you think of Transparent Fashion? Is it a trend you would love to be on board with? should we file this trend along with slippers and socks? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.