Oreo just released a Creme-Filled Egg for the coming holidays!

Oreo Creme filled egg


Holy moly! Oreo just released a Creme-Filled Egg and we can already expect to say goodbye to our diets now that the holidays are coming…

Oreo just made their version of Cadbury’s signature eggs and we approve!  These creme-filled eggs look remarkably similar to Cadbury’s signature treat, but instead of being stuffed with a sweet filling that resembles a runny egg, these chocolatey goodness are filled with Oreo’s classic vanilla creme topped off with crunchy cookies.

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This isn’t the first time we’ve been blessed with this God-sent snack. Earlier this year, these Oreo creme-filled eggs made their debut during Easter. It immediately became a taste bud sensation and Oreo decided it needed to be on our candy wish list for the holidays. Yaaas!

So what are you waiting for?! These Oreo Creme-Filled Eggs are now up for grabs at Walmart retailing for 3.48 USD, with five eggs per pack.


But the sad news for many of us is that it’s only available throughout the U.K. and Canada. So it looks like holidays in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete since these yummy eggs aren’t still available. It’s either you have to get it imported or pray that your relatives coming home from overseas remembered to cross them off from their checklist.

What do you think of Oreo’s new Creme-Filled Egg treat? Is your mouth already watering like ours? And do you also wish Santa can bring this delight to the Philippines before the holidays? ‘Cuz we do!




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