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Miss International Patch Magtanong 8th place

PH bet Patch Magtanong empowers women in Miss International 2019

November 12, 2019 Divine Sanchez

Despite coming off short in winning the crown of Miss International 2019, Patch Magtanong left us with empowering speech for all women out there.

In the annual Miss International 2019 pageant held in Japan, Philippine representative, Bea Patricia “Patch” Magtanong, hoped to bag another win for the country following Kylie Versoza’s in 2016. She came off at 8th place, however, she didn’t forget to impart some of her knowledge to the audience.

In the final round of the competition, Magtanong addressed the issue of gender inequality, stressing that no woman should be left behind.

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“Why should women live in fear of harassment, violence, and discrimination when basic human decency calls for respect, tolerance and compassion?” Magtanong asked.

“To cheer all women means to support all women regardless of the race, religion or background. But not only this, it also means to remove the barriers that prevent women from realizing their full potential,” she explained.

More than this, Patch also showcased true Filipino culture by using a Tausug-inspired dress for her national costume.

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My national costume designed by @iamamirsali pays tribute to the Tausug people of Mindanao in Southern Philippines, as well as the different uses of the Malong, from a skirt, to a blanket, or even to wrap or swaddle a newborn baby. 👶🏻 So much thought, detail and love was put into this costume and I was so proud to wear it. Thank you Tito Amir and Hany!! 🤗🤗🤗⁣ ⁣ My costume is also relevant because of the consecutive destructive earthquakes the past few days in Mindanao which caused great damage to property and a few casualties. The Philippines is no stranger to calamities, but each time is never easy, please pray for my country. 🇵🇭⁣ ⁣ With the chairman of the Miss Paris group, Akemi Shimomura-san, right after our press presentation last Monday! 💕💕⁣ ⁣ #59thMissInternational #MissInternational2019 #MissInternationalPhilippines2019 #PurpleRibbon #PurpleRibbonCampaign #パープルリボン #CheerAllWomen #MissInternational #ミスインターナショナル #MissPhotogenicInternational

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Designed by Amir Sali, the dress shows off the versatility of the malong, a staple clothing from Mindanao. “From a skirt to a blanket, or even to wrap or swaddle a newborn baby. So much thought, detail, and love was put into this costume and I was so proud to wear it,” Patch exclaimed.

What did you think of Patch Magtanong coming in 8th place during Miss International 2019? And how do you feel about her speech about women empowerment? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below!

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