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Riot Games confirms League of Legends Mobile: 'Wild Rift'

Riot Games confirms League of Legends Mobile: ‘Wild Rift’

October 16, 2019 Divine Sanchez

Along with other exciting announcements, Riot Games has made it official that a League of Legends mobile version is on its way called, ‘Wild Rift’!

As League of Legends celebrated its 10th anniversary, Riot Games dropped a big bomb! Well, they just confirmed that the iconic PC multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, League of Legends, will be having a mobile version! Going by the name of ‘Wild Rift’, this 5v5 mobile game looks very promising. And if this news piqued your interest, here’s everything you need to know!

It’s no secret that Riot Games has been planning on releasing a LoL mobile version. Just last month, there were already rumors and leaks of the said game. A supposed leak video of the game surfaced on the Internet after it was posted by a Chinese user. And from what it seems, the interface looks on mobile, from champion selection to runes, match gameplay, and HUD, all looked like they’re ready to go.

And Riot Games just made it official yesterday that we will be indeed having a LoL Mobile. Although many fans (including us) have already expected this, we still can’t help but get psyched.

Wild Rift

Soon to be available on Android, iOS, and consoles in 2020, ‘Wild Rift’ is basically a mobile version of League of Legends. And although much of its gameplay adapts to the original PC game, Riot teases fans that ‘Wild Rift’ has a few twists. In an interview, the developer said ‘Wild Rift’, because it isn’t just a mobile port of LoL. Instead, Riot Games chose to rebuild “the whole game from scratch” to flawlessly adjust to the devices it’s coming to.

The upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) for mobile enables faster matches and features a dual-stick, thumb-friendly control scheme designed for the platforms it’s for.

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‘Wild Rift’ will officially drop in 2020 but Riot Games will conduct public beta tests of the game throughout the next few months. And if you can’t wait enough, you can already pre-register on your Android device through Google Play!

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