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Tom Holland and Chris Pratt new film Onward

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt teams up in a new film and it’s not a Marvel one

October 11, 2019 Divine Sanchez

So Tom Holland and Chris Pratt will be starring in a new movie and it’s not Marvel’s like you’re thinking.

Sorry to disappoint you Marvel fans, we won’t be seeing Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as Spiderman and Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy) in the big screen together anytime soon! The last time we’ve seen from these two was in ‘Avengers: Endgame’. However, we might catch them as an elve tandem in Disney-Pixar’s animated film, ‘Onward’!


Tom Holland and Chris Pratt will voice the two teenage elf brothers, Ian Lightfoot and Barley Lightfoot, respectively. And will accompany them in their journey as they set foot to discover whether there is enough magic still left in the world for them to meet their father who died when they were young.


If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, Pixar released a new sneak peek for us! And you’re welcome to do so right here!

Onward to a magical journey

‘Onward’ is a magical animated tale set in a suburban world where elves, trolls, and unicorns govern. From what we can see in the trailer, the world of Ian and Barley before was filled with the luster of sorcery. But as time went on, they reverted to being magicless beings. Oh, the irony! What kind of adventure awaits these two?

Image result for onward


We can only expect ‘Onward’ to be another spectacular film from Pixar Animation Studios since it will be spearheaded by Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae—the team responsible for ‘Monsters University’, the prequel of our beloved childhood animated film, ‘Monsters Inc.’ So we’re definitely crossing our fingers! You can catch ‘Onward’ in theaters this coming March 6, 2020. We can’t wait for the ‘Onward’ or as Marvel fans would say ‘Peter Parker and Peter Quill’s Epic Adventures’!


What do you think of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt teaming up for a new animated film? Would you watch Spidey-Guardian tandem? Feel free to tell us anything! So share with us your thoughts and questions down below! Or you can hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. If you liked this story then make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!