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BEAUTY: Underarm skincare routines are a thing now?

August 23, 2019 Franchesca Rivera

So… there are actually Underarm Skincare Routines now? If you’re just as surprised as we are, then read on to know more about this new popular beauty trend!

Filipinos have always had a certain fascination to achieve the perfect pits. And that means flawless, even-toned, hairless, and smooth underarms. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that Underarm Skincare routines are a trend now? A bunch of beauty vloggers and beauty blogs has shared their own steps. So we compiled the most common steps in starting an Underarm Skincare routine.

7 Steps


Now the purpose of having an Underarm Skincare Routine is to take care of the skin on your underarms. Because did you know that skin on your underarms is more sensitive than other parts of your body. That’s because it is thinner and is home to lots of nerves and lymph nodes. So the core essence is to care for its health using healthy products. So shall we get on with the steps?

1. Cleanse

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The most basic step in any skincare routine is to cleanse. Make sure to clean it properly before following any of the other steps. You don’t want deodorant residue clogging your pores. Nothing fancy, soap and water will do.

2. Scrub

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Using a scrub is also common for skincare routines. Because exfoliation is key sis! Adding this to your routine will help clear out dead skin cells and smoothen your underarms. Remember that going natural is best. So you can make it yourself with coffee grains and honey or other natural ingredients. But you can also buy some, whatever works for you. But you should only do this two to three times a week okay?

3. Mask

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The main point of using a mask for your underarms is very specific. This only applies to people who have been using antiperspirants and may have residual aluminum that clogs sweat ducts. So using a mask made of bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar should free you of those chemicals. But remember to only use this two to three times a week.

4. Tone

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You can also tone your underarms in the morning and night. Now a toner is multipurpose depending on what kind you get. But most importantly it cleanses and removes residue from antiperspirants.

5. Deodorize

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For most people, this is the only step we ever take in “taking care” of our underarms. But maybe it’s time you rethink buying that grocery-bought antiperspirant. Because sweating is normal people! So if you don’t sweat like ice under the sun, maybe just buy deodorant to keep bad odors away! We do recommend looking for natural deodorants instead. Because antiperspirants often contain aluminum that clogs your sweat ducts.

6. Treat

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Using a treatment is dependent on what your underarms need at the moment. Whether it’s dryness, uneven tone, or rough try looking into serums, creams, and oils to target the specific problem.

7. Moisturize

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Finally, it’s very important to moisturize. You might find it strange since underarms do produce sweat. But you only have to do this after getting a wax or other forms of hair removal. For a budget-friendly option, aloe vera is good to relieve redness and soreness.

And that’s it!

No shame!


Just to clarify, Underarm Skincare Routines are meant to take care of the sensitive underarm skin. And not to beautify, since we can understand how those two concepts can be confused with each other. We here believe that dark underarms are nothing to be ashamed of. Simply because there are so many factors that can lead to the darkening of underarms. Including hormonal imbalances, and the main-stream grocery products that we’re accustomed to using.

Overall, Underarm Skincare Routines seems a bit tedious for the average working person. Can you imagine doing all seven steps in the morning? We surely can’t. But if it’s something that you don’t mind doing and will help you gain the confidence to be happier with yourself then go for it, sis! You do you!

We really don’t think we’d be starting our own Underarm Skincare Routines anytime soon, because it’s a bit tedious to do. How about you? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.