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LATEST DROP: Steps by Garage Morning

April 22, 2019 Victoria Luz

Straight forward and romantic, Steps by Garage Morning catches us off-guard with a groovy love song.

Adding fresh new elements to their rock tunes, Garage Morning releases their newest track, ‘Steps’. In their new song, the four-piece alternative rock outfit takes a step towards a brand new sound defining who they are. And with Steps, they’re off to make a new stand but still not straying far from what they’ve started.

Garage Morning started off with the impression of having full-blown alternative rock sound. With their two previous songs, ‘I Won’t Stop You Now’ and ‘I Got You’, their sound was laced with alt-rock all throughout. Even the songwriting, it’s a bit darker and evokes emotions that could make you go “Awww, I feel that too”. Somehow, with ‘Steps’, it became a tad lighter. ‘Steps’ showed the pop side of the band. From the groovy guitar riffs and straightforward yet relatable lyrics, it’s quite a sound. It leaves you wondering and anticipating what new stuff you would hear from the band in the future.

Now, nothing touches the heart better than a candid and uncomplicated declaration of love. I mean, seriously, we’ve all heard cheesy song lyrics so many times. And yes, we do fall for them all over. But honest-to-goodness songs like Steps shows the reality of how love is. Of how love usually works in real life. If you hear the words “every step that you will take, I will be there with you”, as straightforward as it sounds, you can’t deny how romantic it is.

Anyway, they’d be soon releasing a music video for ‘Steps’ and we just can’t wait for it! So in the meantime, if you loved Steps by Garage Morning, do check it out on Spotify too!

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