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Afterparty and BLU teams up for Syzygy Music Festival

Afterparty and BLU teams up for Syzygy Music Festival. And here’s everything you need to know about this partnership!   Less than a month away, the most anticipated music festival of the year is going to commence. With this, Afterparty and BLU teams up for Syzygy Music Festival! Why? Read on and learn more about […]

GAMES: BOOM ID is the Biggest Throw in Dota 2 Yet

Three-two-two! Boom ID calls GG in a winning game against Team Team. And that’s the biggest throw in Dota 2 yet!   If you think 322 is the biggest throw in Dota 2, then think again.   During The Bucharest Minor Playoffs, SEA team Boom ID calls GG over a game that they should have […]

LATEST DROP: Secrets Music Video – Nikki Nava

A wonderful visual representation and meaningful concept in a 5-minute video. That’s the Secrets music video of Nikki Nava!   The Secrets music video of Nikki Nava was released last Wednesday, January 9. Visually pleasing and heartwarming, this MV actually shocked me.   Watch the music video and rest assured, you’d thank me for it! […]

VIRAL: Maja Salvador receives hate as WOD judge

Is it a yay? Or a nay? Netizens have spoken about the World of Dance Philippines set of judges. And Maja Salvador receives hate as WOD judge.   World of Dance, a hit international dance competition is now in the Philippines. Dancers from all over the country will be participating in the competition to win […]

LIFESTYLE: 5 home DIYs to make your home cuter this 2019

It’s 2019! You might want to change that deteriorating paint on your walls and those rusting cabinet handle. Yup! You’ve guessed it right! Let’s go full Mr. Kate and give your home a little makeover! Here are 5 home DIYs to make your home cuter this 2019!   It’s a new year! You might want […]

LATEST DROP: ‘Di Para Sa’kin by Frizzle Anne

Ever fell for someone who will never be yours? Then this debut single entitled ‘Di Para Sa’kin by Frizzle Anne is the right song for your broken heart!   ‘Di Para Sa’kin by Frizzle Anne dropped midnight (January 11), and her first single is truly promising! The song is all about loving someone from a […]

LIFESTYLE: Genius First Messages on Dating Apps

The easiest way to meet people in the modern world is through online dating. But it’s not really that easy to get the attention you wish from the person you want. So to give you a little boost, I’ve listed down genius first messages on dating apps.   In the modern world, dating apps are close to […]

GAMES: Filipina Dota Teams At Flight of the Valkyries

Who run the world? Girls! That’s right! Filipina Dota Teams at Flight of the Valkyries are dominating the SEA and China Dota 2!   The Battle Arena Malaysia has announced the very first SEA and China all female Dota 2 tournament! The Flight of the Valkyries is the first-ever professional female Dota 2 LAN tournament […]

GAMES: League’s New Champion Sylas The Unshackled

Chained. Bound but not broken. And he’s onto Demacia’s downfall. League’s new champion, Sylas the Unshackled is ready to shake the Summoner’s Rift.   A new champion comes for the new year! A new addition to the ever-growing number of League of Legends champions is another Demacian champ. Just after the release of Neeko the […]