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FOOD: Spiciest food to try in the Philippines

January 17, 2019 UDOU Team

If you think your tongue is tough enough then you should check out the spiciest food to try in the Philippines.


The Philippines is known for the amazing food we have. There’s something for everybody whether you are a sweet-tooth, a person who enjoys exotic food, or a spicy food lover! We support your food adventure so if you want to challenge your taste buds here are 4 spiciest foods to try in the Philippines.






Pinangat originated from Bicol. It is made out of laing leaves, crushed chili, gabi leaves, and coconut milk. It is best eaten on bread like a sandwich spread.



Kinilaw na Isda

Pinoy Town Hall

Kinilaw, when translated to English, means “eaten raw” and isda means fish. So that gives you a good idea of what it is right? Kinilaw na isda came from General Santos City, it is raw fish marinated in vinegar, mixed with sliced chilis, calamansi juice or lemon juice, salt, onions, and brown sugar. It is the perfect pulutan when you’re having a drinking sesh with your buddies!




Ang Sarap Recipes

Coming from the north of the Philippines, Ilocos’ Insarabasab made it to our spiciest Filipino foods list. It is basically an Ilocano version of the famous sisig. Insarabasab, in English, means “to burn something in the fire” which is the cooking process done with the meat (pork) in the dish. Traditionally, the grilling of the pork is done in a clay stove called dalikan. The smoke emitted by the burning wood was said to give a distinct flavor to the meat. After grilling, the meat is chopped and mixed with onions, chilis, black pepper, ginger, calamansi juice, garlic, salt, and sukang Ilocos (white vinegar).



Bicol Express

Bicol Express is one of the most famous spicy dishes in the Philippines. It originated in… you’ve guessed it! Bicol! It is porked cooked with coconut milk, shrimp, and a bunch of chilis! This dish is perfect with rice on a cold rainy day!


We’re guessing your mouth is watering at this point, right? So what are you waiting for? Run to the nearest Filipino restaurant and order these dishes now! Satisfy your hunger for spicy food!


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