LIFESTYLE: Genius First Messages on Dating Apps

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The easiest way to meet people in the modern world is through online dating. But it’s not really that easy to get the attention you wish from the person you want. So to give you a little boost, I’ve listed down genius first messages on dating apps.


In the modern world, dating apps are close to being normal and are believed as one of the best inventions in the century. Dating apps allow you to meet and chat with people who are also in the hunt for a new friend or “friend“. With a swipe or a tap, you can easily let another person know that you are interested in him/her. But wait, for you to enable to know if you guys are compatible, you’re going to have to converse! So here are genius first messages on dating apps to give you that oomph in your initial conversation.





1. “I just want to be the Monica Geller to your Chandler Bing.”

This can, of course, be interchangeable or you can also change the characters. One great way to use this is when you read his/her bio and you found a TV series or movie that you both like. That way you’re able to let him/her know that you already have one thing in common, say a great pick up line, and a topic to talk about. Three birds in one stone right?



2. “Hey so let’s just skip to the important stuff. What’s your favorite Beyonce song?”

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Music brings us together, people! And so does Beyonce! Let’s just get that out of the way. So yeah, if you’re hitting on a girl, 8/10 she worships Beyonce and if you think not, you’re wrong. Kidding. If you think not, check on her bio for another artist. If there’s none go for Spice Girls, if she says she’s not a fan, she is not worthy and block her a**… or just ask her what type of music she likes. Now, you have a topic to start with, right?



3. “Anyone told you that you look like Maria Alexandra Luisa Pachelski?”

Let me give you 3 scenarios.


If she replies “No”

Say “Phew. Great! I hate that girl. Plus, you’re so much prettier. So what’s up?”

You got to compliment her and you made her feel prettier than a non-existent human being (just don’t tell her that.)


If she replies “Who is that?”

Say “I don’t know either. But a cool name, right? How are you doing?”

A little funny and you got her attention.


If she replies “Get away from me, you creep.”

Say nothing and just get away, you creep…



4. “Mcdonalds, Jollibee, KFC or Salad Stop? I don’t discriminate.”

Okay, this says “I think you’re pretty regardless of your diet.” and “I’m an open-minded person and I respect you”. If that doesn’t give you a point, I don’t know what will.



5. “I come in peace (insert Spock hand sign emoji)”

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Based on experience, 50% of the guys I sent this message to, asked for my hand in marriage. Need I say more?


Okay, boys and gals, these may not work for everybody but it did work most of the time when my friends and I used them. Give it a go and maybe it’ll work for you too. At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to be yourself in dating apps. It really is difficult to get a message across especially if you don’t see the person’s face while talking so give it personality. And oh, happy hunting. 😉



Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this list of genius first messages on dating apps. If you ever try them please share with us the outcome! Type it down the comment section below and or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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