LIFESTYLE: 5 home DIYs to make your home cuter this 2019

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It’s 2019! You might want to change that deteriorating paint on your walls and those rusting cabinet handle. Yup! You’ve guessed it right! Let’s go full Mr. Kate and give your home a little makeover! Here are 5 home DIYs to make your home cuter this 2019!


It’s a new year! You might want to give your home a new vibe! Hold on! I’m not saying you should have it fully renovated just little tweaks that could give it a zhuzh. And to help you out I came up with a list of easy 5 home DIYs to make your home cuter this 2019.



1. Tile backsplash

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A tile backsplash is a great idea for two reasons. One, it’s easy to wipe off anything that touches it may it be water, oil, or whatever seasoning (Note: Unless it’s a set of textured tiles) so it keeps your walls clean. Two, it looks really pretty (Note: Even if it’s textured) and studies show that when the kitchen is pretty you’re more likely to cook in it so more bellies will be fed. Bonus, it’s easy to install! You just need an adhesive, a set of cute looking tiles, and measuring tools. Super bonus to blow your mind, you can even get a peel-and-stick ceramic tile set if you want to skip the adhesive mixing part. So go get your kitchen looking chic and clean! Also, you’re welcome.



2. Change old cabinet and drawer handles


Ever opened a cabinet and splintered your hand on the handle? Yeah, you might want to change for safety reasons and more. You see, there are plenty of ways to switch up your old cabinet and drawer handles. You can get colorful acrylic ones, sleek metal ones, salvaged pieces, or even your old spoon and fork. There are endless possibilities, people. So get your creative juices flowing and put your personality somewhere people can touch it. That might have sounded a little weird but I know you get my point!


3. Put frames on your light switches


This may be a simple tweak but will surely make a cute difference and it is easy to do. All you have to do is measure your light switches, buy frames that would fit it, buy long lasting adhesives, and then install it. If you’re feeling a bit more extra you can paint it too!



4. Cookbook knife holder


Before you say anything, I knoooooow right?! When I first saw this it blew my mind too! If you’re tired of your old boring knife blocks or if you don’t have any (why tho?), just grab 3 to 5 books, tie them together with a nice yarn or craft rope and voila! An adorable cookbook knife holder! Keeps your knife safe and works as quirky kitchen clutter.


5. Painted Twig Bouquet

Homemade Ginger

It can be frustrating to maintain a vase of flowers or a plant. When it dies, it takes a bit of your soul, right? And I know a common alternative to these are fake plants and/or flowers. But why not change it up a bit? Painted twig bouquets are adorable decorations that you can DIY and customize however you want. Just grab a hand full of twigs, paint them, and put them in a cute vase. Simple, creative, and resourceful!



There are so many ways to be creative in your home! We really hope that this article “5 home DIYs to make your home cuter this 2019” inspired you to DIY some things in your home. And you can even do this with the entire family! Yay! Comment down below if you have other home DIY suggestions or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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