FOOD: Cafe Feature of the Month: Shutter Café

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Are you a camera enthusiast? And is coffee part of your daily life? Then this article is perfect for you! We present to you our cafe feature of the month: Shutter Café.


Discover a café perfect for your camera savviness and your caffeine addiction. Shutter Cafe is our cafe feature for the month of January and here is everything you need to know about this awesome little nook.






Shutter Café is located in 118 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City. It is every camera lover’s fantasy cafe! The cozy little nook is right beside a camera shop where all your shooting needs can be bought. 




In terms of interiors, Shutter Café is very Instagram worthy! The furniture is very contemporary, the colors of the walls and floor compliments each other and creates a very comfortable vibe. The decors of cameras and other filming and shooting paraphernalia are also setting that “cameraman’s abode” feels and the graphics and writings on the counter overhead and glass panels are very creative, inspiring, and relatable. It is very quiet and relaxing inside. It is the perfect place to study for a test, make that report, or just read a good book.





The food and drinks in Shutter Cafe also do not disappoint! They have a great range of choices in terms of beverages—you can get hot, cold, caffeinated, decaffeinated, and more! Coffee enthusiasts have a specialty coffee menu to choose from, they have Sagada Arabica, Fruta del Cafe, and other great flavors! It’s a great place to get that caffeine fix! And if you ever come in hungry, that is not a problem! Shutter Cafe have a list of scrumptious food in store for you! From burgers, hot dogs, nachos, and even delicious desserts!


Bottom line, Shutter Cafe is a one-stop shop for every camera or filming fan, having a camera shop beside it plus the insanely beautiful filming/shooting inspired interiors it is definitely perfect! But of course, it is also a great place to hang out in for the not so camera savvy peeps. There something for everybody and Shutter Cafe is a 4/5 in our book!


Hopefully, you enjoyed this article of our Cafe Feature of the month: Shutter Café. If you have any suggested cafe to be featured, please do leave them down the comment section below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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