FASHION: Cute Holiday Outfit Ideas

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Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is rushing to find the perfect gifts, food to serve, and of course outfit to wear! So to help you out, here are some cute holiday outfit ideas.


Yay for the holidays! For most of us girls, Christmas is a fashion show. You want to look your best on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. So we have compiled cute holiday outfit ideas that might help you find the perfect Christmas ensemble!




1. Plaid Shirt and Tulle Skirt


Achieve that edgy x feminine look through playing around with plaid and tulle.


Shirt: Zalora (Php 999.00)



Skirt: Zalora (Php 552.00)



2. Velvet dress



You can’t go wrong with a deep red/green mini dress during the holidays. One up it and make it velvet.


Dress: Amazon (Php 780.00)




3. Christmas Sweater

Where To Get It


Spice up a Christmas sweater with your own style. Maybe throw in a hat, sheer tights, shorts, and a pair of cute booties. It’s really up to you!


Sweater: Shopee (Php 351.00)



4. Sequins!

Brassy Apple


‘Tis the season to be sparkly! Shine bright this holiday season by wearing sequined clothing pieces!


Sequined Set: Forever21 (Php 1,768.00)




5. All-White

Extra Petite

Get that white Christmas feels by wearing an all-white ensemble. Just be extra careful with food sauces. šŸ˜‰


White Knitted Sweater: Zaful (Php 1,040.00)



White Crochet Pencil Skirt: Beautiful Halo (Php 1,352.00)

Beautiful Halo


Hey girl! We hope we were able to help you find the perfect holiday outfit or at least sparked an idea. Be comfortable, be flashy, or be sexy. You do you,Ā darlin’.


At the end of the day, this season is all about love and giving. We hope that you have an amazing celebration with your loved ones this Christmas and may you have a prosperous new year!



If you have otherĀ Cute Holiday Outfit Ideas please do let us know! Also, snap a photo and send us your Christmas outfit this year! Put them all in the comment section below or message us onĀ ourĀ FacebookĀ orĀ Twitter @UDoUPh.Ā 

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