FOOD: Noche Buena Food Suggestions

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Christmas eve is just a few days away! You know what that means… the most awaited feast is about to happen! So here are some Noche Buena food suggestions to give your holiday feast a little twist!


2018 was a rollercoaster! A lot has happened may it be good or bad. Celebrate the last few days of the year with a bang and tons of scrumptious food! Start with Noche Buena! Match your plot twists this year with food twists on Christmas eve!


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Butternut Bruschetta with Caramelized Onions

Root Cause Medical Clinic

Start your Noche Buena with the playful taste of Butternut Bruschetta with Caramelized Onions! Aside from its amazing flavor, it is also very healthy. It is filled with Vitamin A, B, and C. It also has potassium and magnesium. So get that health buff cousin of yours munching on these bad boys and have a merry tummy!


Fideua Negra

What Mary Loves

Any seafood lovers in the family? Try a Fideua Negra! It is a Spanish dish composed of prawns, shellfish, squid, squid ink, sea salt, pimentón, tomatoes, pasta, and more. It’s basically a black paella and it is delish! It’s definitely going to be a hit on your Noche Buena table!



Cream Cheese Leche Flan

Kraft Recipes

For us Filipinos, leche flan is a must on the list of food to be served during special occasions. Why not give this delectable creamy confection a little twist and put some flavor in it? Try cream cheese leche flan this Noche Buena and watch your family’s faces light up as they take a bite!



Crispy Fresh Ham with Rum Sauce

Food & Wine Magazine

Give the star of the Noche Buena a little kick! Don’t be stuck on honey glazed and orange glazed ham. We mean, they’re pretty delicious but try something new, right? Have your ham slow roast to crispy perfection and smother it with black rum sauce!



Vegetarian Embutido


A new year is about to start. Help your friends and family members who want to start a vegetarian lifestyle by serving them food that won’t make them feel bad. Ditch the meatloaf and use meatless smoke turkey loaf, veggie meat, or hard tofu when making your embutido!




Hope this list helped you find new ideas to make your Noche Buena more exciting! If you have other Noche Buena food suggestions please do let us know! Write them all down the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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