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LIFESTYLE: Wedding Trends 2019

December 14, 2018 UDOU Team

Getting married next year? Well then, you might want to take note of these wedding trends 2019!


Weddings trends are ever changing. Each year there are always new things to spice things up on your special day! So we thought it’s only fair that we make you well aware of these wedding trends 2019 to help you plan out an awesome nuptial!




Living Coral


Living Coral is the color of the year 2019. It is a soft coral color with a gold undertone. The beautiful color is said to represent joy and positivity for the year. It is also sociable, lighthearted, and spirited color. For sure the color of the year will be the theme for many weddings happening this coming 2019.



Wedding Hashtags

The Big Gay Wedding Directory

Our world is getting more and more high-tech and digital. Social media platforms are growing as days pass by. The wedding scene, of course, used this to their advantage by using hashtags as a way to promote weddings or to simply make it more fun for the couple when sharing their nuptial photos.


Wedding hashtags could be a combination of the groom and the bride’s name turned into a sentence or just a simple sentence about your marriage. Like for example, #TheGarciasNuptial, #FerrerverAndEver (If the groom’s last name is Ferrer), #JuanWithNica (Juan Miguel and Nica), or #SosBolz (Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico). It’s really fun, especially during the process of thinking of one. It’s also a way to make it easier to look for photos during the wedding on the internet, just click on the hashtag and voila, your wedding photos galore!



Gold Gowns


A lot of future wives seem to want to really stray away from tradition. Gossip Girl’s Serena Van Der Woodsen- the gold-wedding-gown look is becoming the trend for wedding gowns this year and we are not complaining. After all, the day is all about the bride, why not making it even grander by wearing a gold wedding dress, right?



Groomsgirls and Bridesmen

Offbeat Bride

Wedding entourage is also straying off the norm. Gone are the days when women and men have to stand on their respective sides during weddings. Girls can now be a groomsgirl and boys can be a bridesman. It makes sense actually if the bride has been friends with a guy for decades then he should be standing on her side and the other way around.



Smoke Photography


Smoke bombs in prenuptial and nuptial photos are getting more attention than ever before! The effect that it creates in the photos gives wedding photos more energy and vibrancy. We can definitely see more of this in the coming year.



Neon Wedding Signs

One Fab Day

Nothing declares your love for one another or welcoming guests to your special day better than a chic and colorful neon signage. Future husbands and wives are loving the idea of adding a contemporary touch, neon signs, on their special day.



Whether you’re a traditional wedding person or not, we hope that you enjoyed this Wedding Trends 2019 article. Also, if you’re able to find one to add on your wedding plans, please do let us know! Write a comment down below or message us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. And to everyone getting married next year, advance congratulations and best wishes to you!