Kalachuchi Single Launch Party of Munimuni was a night of celebration. And from what I’ve witnessed, Munimuni has everyone truly hypnotized with their music!


The Kalachuchi Single Launch Party of Munimuni happened yesterday, December 13. Jess & Pat’s was filled with a lot of Munimuni fans who gathered to celebrate the release of their new single, ‘Kalachuchi‘.

Lency Arabelle Cruz

It was a night of good music and celebration, that’s for sure. The venue was jam-packed and tickets were sold out! If you missed this wonderful launch party, here’s what went down last Thursday night!



The Lineup

Amara was present during the event and kickstarted the Kalachuchi Single Launch Party with their amazing music.


It was then followed by the set of Nathan and Mercury, who just celebrated their anniversary a month ago.

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And the third performer who graced the event was none other than The Ridleys.

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Munimuni Band

The band members of Munimuni band was even kind enough to let us take their photos before their performance!


Adj Jiao (guitar/vocals)

Lency Arabelle Cruz


TJ de Ocampo (guitar/vocals)

A very happy birthday to you, TJ!

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John Owen Castro (flute/vocals)

Lency Arabelle Cruz


Jolo Ferrer (bassist)

Lency Arabelle Cruz


Josh Tumaliuan (drums)

Lency Arabelle Cruz



Kalachuchi Single Launch Party is not only a celebration for their newest single. It’s also the birthday of their band member TJ and a thank you from Munimuni for all the blessings and support that they received for the year.



Kalachuchi Single Launch Party

The event was a very intimate gig. Attendees got to chat with the artists present at the Kalachuchi Single Launch Party. Everyone got to enjoy a night filled with quality music and such amazing OPM songs.


Munimuni gifted everyone by performing their unreleased song entitled, ‘Bawat Piyesa’. It’s a beautiful song about someone that you’re afraid to lose.


Here are some of the photos from Munimuni’s set!

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Munimuni, yet again, gave everyone a wonderful night. Complete with their amazing talents in producing quality music and their makata pop, we just couldn’t ask for more. This band never fails to pull my heartstrings.



And of course, I have right here for you the heart thumping ‘Kalachuchi’ performance of Munimuni!

The background of the song, as TJ explained during their set, was written when someone valuable to him was going through something only that person could understand.


‘Kalachuchi’ is a beautiful song addressing two kinds of suffering. One is about being alone and lost, while the other one is how a lot of things are happening in your life and you just want everything to be put on hold. But despite all of these, one must remember that there’s something bigger happening around you and there’s still a higher purpose.


Even if it’s too tiring to keep on fighting, the song ‘Kalachuchi’ tells us to just have a little more faith.



It surely was an amazing night. After their set, attendees were able to take photos with the band and have some chitchat with them! And I must say, my heart is very full all thanks to this great band. A huge thank you as well for giving UDOU and Afterparty a shoutout during your set. You guys made my heart so happy!




Were you at the Kalachuchi Single Launch Party? What do you think of their newest single? Are you an avid fan of Munimuni like I am? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below! Better yet, send us a message on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph. We’d surely love to hear from you!