FASHION: Asian Academy Creative Awards Red Carpet Fashion Review

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The first ever Asian Academy Creative Awards just happened! And in every award show, aside from the awardees, the glitz and glamour of the red carpet fashion are very much anticipated. So we present to you our Asian Academy Creative Awards Red Carpet Fashion Review!


The inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards happened last December 7 held at Capitol Theatre, Singapore. The prestigious event was well attended by the big names in the in the entertainment industry in all of Asia. The talented artists strutted their beautiful outfits on the red carpet and we are here to give you a review!

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Asian Academy Creative Awards was established to recognize the best of the best in Asia’s creative industry may it be television, digital, streaming, and emerging technologies. There were 49 awards on the inaugural event and the awardees were given an AACA’s golden trophy as a representation of the excellence they have contributed to the industry.


Of course, comes with an extravagant awarding event is a red carpet! All the attendees wore and showcased their glamorous ensembles gracefully. Here are some of our favorites!



Irene Ang

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Irene Ang’s courageous outfit caught our eye! She was wearing a two-piece sequin covered pant leg and tube top that was already outstanding but she one-upped it with the powder blue tulle that served as her vest and train. And we don’t know if you noticed, but that huge necklace tho!


The comedy actress is from Singapore who became extremely famous in her country for her performance in Singapore’s longest running sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd.



Hanli Hoefer

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MTV Asia host, Hanli Hoefer, raised the temperature as she appeared in Covetella’s red hot gown. It had simple trimmings from the top to the upper-half of her legs, with a v-neckline and a slit that accentuates her legs. Not to mention that awkward length bangs hairstyle that she totally pulled off.



Maja Salvador

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Our very own, Maja Salvador, served us that vicious yet totally irresistible look on the AACA red carpet. The black Val Taguba dress she wore with the chest cut out combined with slick back hairstyle definitely blew us away! She looked very classy and fierce just like her role, Ivy Aguas, in the hit TV series Wildflower which she became a finalist for in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category.



Reza Rahadian and Adinia Wirasti

The Indonesian love team, Reza Rahadian and Adinia Wirasati, graced the AACA red carpet with matching outfits. Reza Rahadian was wearing an Aztec printed coat and pants with black inner shirt and shoes while Adinia Wirasti was slaying a black asymmetrically cut top, black ankle-length slacks, and topped with a floral print coat with the same color scheme as Reza’s outfit. They looked phenomenal together!



Yvette King

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Pregnant never looked this glamorous! Yvette King, a Korean-Australian host and journalist blessed us with a breath-taking maternity look on the red carpet. She looked like a goddess wearing a sparkling nude custom Jessicacindy and Tiffany & Co. jewellery. We don’t know what else to say but WOW.


Everyone looked amazing and the event was a great success! We would like to congratulate everyone who won and was nominated and to all who made this momentous occasion to happen.



Asian Academy Creative Awards Red Carpet Fashion Review sure wasn’t easy! But we hope you enjoyed looking at the beautiful outfits and reading through what we have to say about them. Did we miss out on any of your favorites? If we did, type them all down the comment section below! Also, you can connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh

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