LATEST DROP: Do You Mind? MV by We Are Imaginary

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The wait is over! Do You Mind? MV by We Are Imaginary was released and we are gagging about it!


Last December 3, We Are Imaginary released the official music video of their song ‘Do You Mind?’, the b-side to ‘Dekada’. They used a more ambient approach to the production as the lead vocals, Ahmad Tanji, tells a story about two lost people trying to figure each other out in hopes to save a crumbling relationship. The music video, in our opinion, is pretty simple yet dope and we are all for it.

Mary Whitney

We Are Imaginary

Formerly known as Your Imaginary Friends, We Are Imaginary is a band composed of 4 members, Ahmad Tanji (vocals/guitars), Vhall Bugtong (bass/vocals), Khalid Tanji (guitars/vocals), and Apa Rubio (drums). Despite coming from different musical influences they have come to agree for their music to be “hummable noise”. “Whaddayamean?”, we know, basically, their sound is loud (or as they described it “noisy”) but is still hummable. True enough, after listening to their new wave mixed with grunge songs, it’ll leave you humming!


The band released their first EP, ‘One Dreamy Indeterminate Hum’, back in 2010 followed by the second EP, ‘Silence Is a Villain’, in 2013. Their first full-length album was released July of 2016 under Wide Eyed Records.



Do You Mind? Music Video

‘Do You Mind?’ is a song about two damaged people, who are obviously dysfunctional together, the other persona is pleading sarcastically for sensitivity from the other but obviously fails to achieve so. It’s a frustrating roller coaster of wanting to hold on but knowing that it’s time to let go.


The music video was directed by Kel Fausto. Her approach with the video is quite different from We Are Imaginary’s other MVs. Instead of the usual story narration, the video is composed of quick-shifting clips and switching hues to represent the person’s desire to escape. The video matches the music like a glove that we found ourselves watching the video again and again. It’s quite relaxing despite the heaviness of the lyrics.


Go ahead and listen to We Are Imaginary on Spotify now!





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