LATEST DROP: Cheenee Gonzalez Forevermore MV

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Cheenee Gonzalez Forevermore MV is out now! Check out this soothing rendition of the ultimate “our song” of the Philippines (Well, at least for us).


One of the many OPM covers produced by Warner Music Philippines had its music video released last Tuesday (November 27)! Cheenee Gonzalez Forevermore MV is out now for every OPM lovers to enjoy.


This music wonder is a 24-year-old girl who intends to give her audience an amazing experience as she performs songs that touches the heart. Cheenee Gonzalez has a voice of an angel, hearing her sing is like a magical experience. She started her singer/songwriter career in the Philippine indie scene back in 2015 and ever since then she’s never ceased to bloom and grow.




We bet there’s not one Filipino/a who doesn’t know this song. ‘Forevermore’ was originally sang by one of OPM’s pillars, Side A. The song talks of love and the disbelief of the person that the love of his/her life, after waiting and searching for the right one, is finally spending his/her life with him/her forevermore.


It’s the best wedding song to this day. Many OPM giants and international artists did a cover of the phenomenal song to name a few they were Juris Fernandez, Jed Madela, and David Archuleta.


Cheenee’s version of Forevermore is soothing and haunting. The music video’s overall concept definitely matches her heavenly voice and it will surely leave you senti after watching and listening to it.


The video focuses more on family instead of a romantic relationship. We appreciate this very much because it shows so much of Filipinos’ culture of close family ties. This song is unquestionably spectacular cause it works in any type of relationship. And this particular version is definitely on for the books and we would probably be listening to it forevermore.



If you wish to listen to it on Spotify and add it to you #senti playlist, here is the link.

You’re welcome. 😉



Did you see Cheenee Gonzalez Forevermore MV? Did you like Cheenee Gonzalez’ rendition of the song? Let us know what you think! Leave a comment down below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Let’s be nostalgic together!

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