ENCORE FEATURE: Silent Sanctuary and Why They Are Our Favorite

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High school—where most of our very first love stories started. And where do we turn to for the perfect songs to listen to during those times? We don’t know about you but we found refuge in Silent Sanctuary songs. So let’s find out more about Silent Sanctuary and why they are our favorite!


‘Ikaw Lamang’, ‘Rebound’, ‘Kundiman’ these are just some of the first few songs popularized by Silent Sanctuary back in the day and we bet you still have them on your OPM playlists today! We don’t blame you that they are one of your favorite bands. Who could resist such amazing music? Right?



The 4-Piece Band

Silent Sanctuary is a 4-piece band consisting of Raymund “Sarkie” Sarangay (vocals/guitars/keyboards), Anjo Inacay (cello), Jason Rondero (bass guitar/backing vocals), and, Allen Calixto (drums). They were formed 2001 starting with 3 members namely Norman Dellosa, Paolo Legaspi, andAllen Calixto.


Later on, ups and downs happened but they manage to keep the band alive with its current members. They have released 5 albums ‘Ellipsis of the Mind (2004)’, ‘Fuchsiang Pag-Ibig (2007)’, ‘Mistaken for Granted (2009)’, ‘Monodramatic (2013)’, and ‘Langit Luha (2015)’. And in every one of those albums, there are songs that stuck with us to this day.


The outstanding band achieved so much in their career. To name a few of their achievements, back in 2006 the bagged the In The Raw Award at the NU Rock Awards, their songs ‘Ikaw Lamang’ and ‘Rebound’ placed second and forth the RX 93.1’s Top 7 OPM Year Ender Countdown back in 2007, and they are always nominated in multiple categories in MYX Music Awards.



Sweet and Soothing Hopeless Romantic Songs

They have brought us love story anthems such as ‘Sandali Lang’, ’14’, and ‘Hiling‘. Once you hear one of their songs you’ll identify the artists behind it right away because they have a distinct sound in the OPM scene, sweet and soothing. We don’t think that there’s no Silent Sanctuary song that will hit you right in the feels. Regardless if you .#sawi, #inlababo, or #hopia they’ve got something for you! 


And of course, our personal favorite, ‘Pasensya Ka Na’! And we have the lyric video for you right here, so sing with us!

The hit-maker band has definitely marked their spot in the OPM scene and their sound will never leave the minds of every OPM connoisseur.




Listen to their first album on Spotify for nostalgia’s sake!



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