LATEST DROP: LMNOP by Leanne and Naara

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“Put out a pen and write…” It’s amazing how writing aids us in releasing things that we get stuck on. LMNOP by Leanne and Naara was dropped last November 14 and it addresses exactly that.


You know those things that we obsess about even when we don’t have control over it? Yeah, those. Frustrating, right? But we can’t help it cause that’s how our brain works. Although, even if we can’t avoid thinking about it, there are ways that can help in releasing them. One way is through writing. LMNOP by Leanne and Naara is a song which tackles this issue. So go ahead and vibe with this soothing jam!



Song for your mental health

It’s never easy
Carrying a load
And doesn’t it get heavier
The farther you get from home?
And I hate to say it’s true
But at times it seems
We can get so high but why do we still


When sh*t gets heavy learn to let it go. Nowadays, mental health is given light especially having our mental health bill approved last June.


Because of the high number of individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, people encountering such gained the courage to get professional help. Although, despite that, a lot are still scared of the stigma and remains in the shadows, hoping that their self-care methods would help. We know that it can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why we appreciate this song so much because it leaves us a tip for a release: which is to write it all down.


The song is a great feel-good tune to listen to whenever you find yourself overthinking. The title is a representation of creating words out of letters and creating songs out of words. And we think that’s genius and beautiful. So go and add this awesome OPM song in your playlist! Thank you, Leanne and Naara.


Listen to Leanne and Naara’s ‘LMNOP’ on Spotify now!




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