REACT RECAP: Lee Jong Suk Live in Manila

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And the crowd goes wild! Lee Jong Suk Live in Manila got every PH Kpopers hyperventilating over this Korean heartthrob.


Who wouldn’t fangirl (or boy, we don’t discriminate) over this W hottie, Lee Jong Suk?! We mean, have you seen him? Those who attended ‘Crank Up‘ sure did! Check out what transpired during fan meet in the PH!

The 6 foot 1 stunner

Lee Jong Suk is a Korean model/actor who started his career with a bang. He was the youngest male model who graced the Seoul Fashion Week back in 2005, at the age of 15. 5 years later (Maybe 5 is his lucky number? We DK) he debuted as an actor in the South Korean TV series ‘Prosecutor Princess’ and appeared in the movie ‘Ghost’.


More projects came his way and his career continued to flourish. In 2017, he starred in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ together with Bae Suzy. His global influence was highly recognized that he was then appointed as the Ambassador for Korean Tourism by the Korea Tourism Organization. He also received multiple awards such as Excellence Award in the male category at the 2013 Korea Drama Awards and Best New Actor in 2012 KBS Drama Awards.



Crank Up got us hyped-up

Lee Jong Suk’s fan meeting in Manila, Crank Up, got every PH KPOP-er hyped! It was held in the Araneta Coliseum last November 18. From the moment he arrived at the airport, during the event, and ’til now—we haven’t stopped screaming!


OMG! We can imagine someone fainting just by that wave. He’s so dreamy. <3


Why does he have to be so perfect? That beautiful face plus his angelic voice? Ahhh.


Even big Filipino stars like Bela Padilla swooned over the Korean dream-boat!


Giselle Sanchez, the luckiest girl of the night. Wala na, finish na!


Same, Giselle, Same.


Lee Jong Suk’s fans expressed how they appreciated the Crank Up tour and their idol. They just couldn’t wait for him to come back again!


Of course, the sweet and loving model/actor/singer (is there anything that he can’t do?) expressed his gratitude for his Filipino fans and his appreciation for the Philippines.


Look at how much he adores his fans. Gaaaaah! Who wouldn’t fall for this lover-boy?


Staaahp! We mean, DON’T. My goodness! How can sexy and cute coexist in one body?! (heart eyes)


We congratulate everyone who was responsible for the event, the fans, and Lee Jong Suk himself for a very successful event that left all its participants hungover. We do hope that he’ll visit us again soon!



Are you a Lee Jong Suk fan? Were you able to attend the fan meet? What’s your favorite Lee Jong Suk movie or series or song (OMG this guy did a lot)? What’d you think about our Lee Jong Suk Live in Manila article? Let us know down the comments below! Or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Come and let’s scream our KPOP hearts out together.

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