VIRAL: Chito Marasigan or Raymund Miranda?

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Check out how this poor lady got confused with two of the biggest names in the OPM scene. Is it… Chito Marasigan or Raymund Miranda?


What’s worse than mistaking your idol for another person? Posting it on social media and having thousands of people see it! Yikes! *Inside joke* Is it Chito Marasigan or Raymund Miranda? LOL!


Gigs can be crazy, especially if the country’s biggest bands are in it! Whew! We won’t be surprised if you dissociate from your sanity for a bit once you’re face-to-face with your idols in the meet and greet. But hey! Make sure you’ve composed yourself when you’re about to post the photo with your “idol” cause you don’t want to this nightmare to happen to you.


The confusing tweet

Filipinos in Dubai were blessed to witness our outstanding OPM artists and bands perform live in Pinoy Music Jam held in the said country. They were thrilled to see their favorite OPM stars!


One person however, made a buzz in the interwebs because she, unfortunately, mistook Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich for Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar and tweeted it. (Whoops! Dodge that shoe ate girl!) 


Raymund’s response! Uh-oh!

Raymund saw the tweet, retweeted it, and tagged Chito.



Chito then replied with this:

Oh crap! How humiliated Maria Rafols must be? Poor girl.



The witty Filipinos’ reactions:

Netizens then ROFLed at the tweets and tweeted their witty response to the mistake.


lol! Very witty.


OMG! These people are crazy!

We feel like this person was very enthused with the whole shebang. (Haha!)


Thus our title…



We know that it’s pretty hilarious but the woman might have been a fan of both, maybe she was just really excited to share that she got a photo op with Raymund and forgotten all sense. We’d probably make the same mistake or something like it, right? We DK! But give the girl a break!


In the end, she was there to support our OPM artists and bands! So let’s just all be glad that she caused good vibes in the twitterverse. 




What do you think about our Chito Marasigan or Raymund Miranda article? Did you laugh? Did you feel bad for the girl? Have you done something similar before? Let us know down the comments below! Or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We want to chika with you!

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