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It’s amazing when two of our respected Filipino artists come together and gift us with awesome memorable tunes. Apl and KZ Tandingan did just that as they did a cover of KZ’s Labo and performed the song Homecomin’ in the Coke Studio Homecoming.


These two internationally acclaimed artists joined together on stage last Sunday, November 18, and gifted us with their spectacular rendition of the 2017 hit ‘Labo’ and performance of ‘Homecomin”. Here are the performances and the other details.

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‘Labo’ rendition

Walang kalaban-laban, o bomalabs, labo labo
Biglang nagkalaglagan, o bomalabs, labo labo
Lumilitaw, umuupog, bumibitaw
Umiikaw, o bomalabs, labo labo

Eargasmic, ain’t it? Their reggae x hip-hop x rock-ish rendition of KZ Tandingan’s 2017 hit had the crowd vibing and grooving. The song talks of indecisiveness, betrayal, and overall unending fluctuation of anything and everything in life and love. It’s a really catchy song and very relatable. No wonder it was a hit single.



Homecomin’ performance

All these lonely days

And all the sleepless nights

Know it’s a sacrifice

The song ‘Homecomin” is dedicated to all the hardworking OFWs. It talks about how regardless of the difficulty that comes along by being far away from home, OFWs will choose to sacrifice for their families. And that no matter what, they have their loved ones in their hearts and that they will always come home.


Both of the musical geniuses expressed how much the song means to them and agreed how essential it is for the stories and sacrifices of the OFWs be heard by our kababayans. Kudos to both of the artists for an amazing song and spectacular performance!



OFWs and OPM

Being away from your family is never easy. But we guess, for our kababayans working abroad, it’s way worse to see their families suffering. That’s why they’d rather have sleepless nights, long days, and working weekends far away from the people they love so that they may provide them comfort.


We salute all OFWs all over the world for their hard work and sacrifices. And we thank artists such as KZ and Apl for always recognizing these people’s strive and giving them a platform for expression. Mabuhay, OFWs! Mabuhay, OPM!




What do you think about the collaboration of Apl and KZ Tandingan? Did you like their performances? Which one’s your favorite? Let us know down the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We want to hear from you! 

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