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ML Movie 2018 is revolutionizing the Philippine horror scene—and Filipino movie-goers are surely digging this one!


No white ladies, tikbalangs, tiyanaks, or manananggals, but ML Movie 2018 will have you grappling your chairs and gasping for air.


Benedict Mique Jr. created a new horror character that you should be afraid of more than the ‘Halimaw Sa Banga’ in his Cinamalaya entryColonel dela Cruz. ML Movie 2018 made a buzz everywhere after its release and if you wanna know more then keep on reading!


The Colonel

In the movie, Colonel dela Cruz, played by Eddie Garcia, was a retired Colonel from the Martial Law Era that has Dementia. His disability made him think that he is still in the Marcos dictator times. Back in the days, he tortured activists who opposed Marcos’ leadership.


The Poor Kid

Carlo, played by Tony Labrusca, was a millennial college student who’s oblivious of what really went down during Marcos’ reign. He assumes that it was not as bad as how his professor deems it to be because everyone close to him never really said anything extremely horrific about the era.


He decided to prove his professor wrong but made poor choices on who to approach to get information from. And trust us ladies, as much as you’ve fantasized about having that steaming tongue kiss with Niko from ‘Glorious‘, you wouldn’t even want to be acquainted whatsoever with Tony’s character in this movie!


The Plot

Carlo’s professor discussed to their class about the Marcos Era. Carlo, being borderline ignorant regarding the matter disagrees. Then the professor assigned his students to interview people who lived through the “dark times” so they may accrue their very limited knowledge of the said era. Unluckily, Carlo decided to interview the retired Colonel whose true heinous identity will then be uncovered throughout the film.



What people have to say

One netizen said that the movie is not for the frail-hearted and continues to express that no one deserves torture.


Another confirmed even further the intensity of the film and how hooked he was to the story.


Overall, ML Movie 2018 garnered tons of positive feedback. Congratulatory notes for the cast and the entire team behind it were endless.


It was indeed an outstanding movie! Very insightful and horrifying. Make sure to add this Filipino film treasure in your must-watch list!



Were you able to watch the ML Movie 2018? Did you get a heart attack? What do you think about it? Type it all down in the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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