REACT RECAP: iKON Live in Manila

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Hold on to your panties, ladies. Another sizzling hotย Kpop boy group blessed our country with their presence: iKON Live in Manila!


After WINNER soaked our pants last November 10, iKON didn’t give us time to dry ’em up cause they had their Continue Tour Manila leg last November 11 at the MOA Arena!ย Gahd!ย iKON Live in Manila obliterated every PH iKONics with their fire songs and beautiful faces! Here are the deets!



iKON is under YG Entertainment. The band is composed of 7 gorgeous and talented artists: B.I., Bobby, Jinhwan, Ju-ne, Chanwoo, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk. They’ve made a huge name in Korea and all over the world! Their amazing concert made their PH fans extremely happy and made them goย wiiiiild!



Super hyped Ph iKONics!

The crowd was already super hyped even before iKON appeared on stage! It was craaaaazy!



Bobby’s too hot, send help!

Here’s Bobby pouring water on him. I guess needed to tame his hotness. OMG! Get me a fan or an ice bucket!



iKON connecting with the PH iKONics

These dudes really do love their fans! Look at Hanbin having the crowd sing with him and interacting with them enthusiastically! What a great person!



Pumps and thrusts at its finest

Aside from their powerful vocals, they showed off their awesome dance moves too.ย Yaaaaaaaz!



PH iKONics are such sweethearts

The fans expressed how joyous and proud they are to be part of the iKONic fandom! They’ve also showed appreciation to the producers of #iKONinManila for making the concert possible. Such sweethearts. <3



Say what? 18k attendees?!

An estimate of 18,000 attendees were in the event! Goodness, gracious! PH iKONics supporters really came through!



iKON deserved it

The members also thanked their fans for the fantastic love and support they got from the Philippines. Bless their souls.ย Ahhhh! <3



“Come back soon!”

After the event, the PH iKONics already want them to come back! And we don’t blame them. We understand the need for a fix of their live vocal prowess and incredible dance moves.


The Philippine leg of their Continue Tour was hosted by PULP Live World and Happee Hour. The event was a great success! Thanks to the PH iKONics who showed their amazing support for the group and the concert.



Are you a PH iKONic? Were you able to watch? What’s your favorite part from the iKON Live in Manila? Let us know down the comment section because we really want to know! Or connect with us on ourย Facebookย orย Twitter @UDoUPh! Kpop the good work, iKONics and other Kpop fandoms!

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