REACT RECAP: Musikaramay’s 5th Year Anniversary

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Musikaramay’s 5th Anniversary! A celebration of music and support for our fellow Filipinos that were affected by the typhoon Ompong.


Musikaramay’s 5th anniversary will be held at Eton Centris every Saturday of November. They’ve partnered with Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc. to garner donations for our fellow citizens who were victims of the typhoon Ompong. This benefit concert is now on to its third leg!

Filipinos are always down to lend a helping hand for our fellow citizens. We display our bayanihan culture one way or another. That is why it is not a surprise that we use our passion for music to extend aid to our struggling kababayans.



What went down in the first two legs?

The lineup for the event is pretty spectacular. Consisting of well-respected OPM bands and artists such as South Border, Stonefree, Mojofly and more. They’ve had the first two legs of the event (November 3 and November 10) and here’s a bit of recap.


Of course, the artists who were part of the event were very supportive. Giving their efforts to plug the event!



The artists and their performances


South Border’s beautiful and soulful performances. Gahh, never gets old. If you didn’t sing along to this… what’s wrong with you? Kidding (not)!


Lazara was also there to grace us with their great music.


StoneFree’s #sawi triggering performance of Listen. *sniffles*


And many more awesome performances.

Fans expressed their appreciation for their favorite bands and showed how much fun they’re having bonding with them.


It is amazing how music can create wonders and how heart-warming that our Filipino artists come together to provide help for our fellow citizens. It is events like this that gives us hope in humanity and we encourage each and every one of you to keep supporting. Attend the upcoming legs of Musikaramay V this November and give for the victims of Ompong.




Were you touched by the love and support from everyone in Musikaramay’s 5th Anniversary? Were you in the first two legs? Did you donate? Let us know all of your insights in the comment section below. Hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Let’s discuss Filipino music and culture together. It’ll be awesome!

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