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WINNER Live in Manila had every Pinoy Kpop fans’ heart scream “LOVE ME LOVE ME” everywhere in the country! 😉


Ethereal beauty and tantalizing voices. WINNER Live in Manila got every PHIC (Philippine Inner Circle) swoon over their perfection!


To our dear Pinoy Kpop-ers, we extend our mutual exhilaration as this flaming hot Kpop band decided to grace our country with their presence. WINNER, composed of 4 members namely Yoon, Jinu, Hoony, and Mino, held the Manila leg of their 2018 Everywhere Tour at the Mall of Asia Arena last Saturday, November 10.



And for those of you who missed out on these spectacular night (boo!), don’t worry! We have just the right dose of react recap that you need right here!





Eargasmic and well.. you know orgasmic 😉

During the concert, the attendees sang along to their captivating songs and gushed over their bewitching beauty. (We mean, seriously, why are they so damn pretty?!)


Yoon covering ‘Like Me Better’ got us weak in the knees!

Aside from their hits, they also covered other artists’ songs like ‘Like Me Better’ by LAUV and it got PHIC go wild!


No wonder, just listen to those vocals! Gahh, such beaut! <3


The WINNER effect

The event was a great success! Mall of Asia Arena was flooded with tears of adoration from their PHIC. The WINNER effect truly was astonishing to see.



Kudos to WINNER and PHIC! Whoop!

2018 Everywhere Tour in Manila garnered tons of great feedback! And not only did the ‘Love Me Love Me’ singers received congratulatory notes for their concert, but their fandom was also praised for being well-mannered and organized.


What’d you get, tho?

Overall, these are the PHIC take homes from #WINNERinManila. And we agree! (Except maybe on the killing part? We’ll leave that to the hardcore PHICs.)


WINNER won the Philippines in just one night

The chill and down-to-earth Kpop boy group expressed how touched and awestruck they were from the support they got from their Pinoy fans.


These WINNER angels gave their best in every performance in their 2018 Everywhere Tour Manila leg and their fans are extremely grateful. They’ve definitely won the hearts (if not already!) of the Filipinos who were there.



Are you a PHIC member? A Kpop fanatic? Were you able to attend WINNER Live in Manila? Did we miss something? Type it all down in the comment section below! Or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’ll gush over cute oppas with you any day! 😉

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