ENCORE FEATURE: Regine Velasquez Return As A Kapamilya Star

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The Asia’s Songbird flew back to her original home. Regine Velasquez return as a Kapamilya star had netizens buzzing!



Regine Velasquez returning as a Kapamilya Star is definitely true! The Asia’s Songbird is now back in ABS-CBN! Regine Velasquez‘ return as a Kapamilya star caused her fandom and the rest of the network’s fanbase to go crazy! (Too many exclamation points? We know! We’re excited too!)




For some time people have been suspecting Regine’s transfer to ABS-CBN, where her husband, Ogie Alcasid, already moved to. Finally, it’s confirmed! GMA Network announced RV-A leaving the station and expressed how they are respectful of her decision. RV-A bid her farewell in her GMA show, ‘Sarap Diva’ that aired last October 13.


She then posted on the same day, on her Instagram account that she will be part of #ASAPinSydney which was all the evidence we needed to prove that she’s now a Kapamilya.


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See you guys in Sydney ❤️ #AsapinSydney

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(Yaaaas, queeeen!)


The phenomenal belter had her contract signing done last October 17. The Kapamilya network arranged her a grand welcome together with the executives and employees of ABS-CBN and her supportive husband, Ogie Alcasid. The red carpet welcome had the Asia’s Songbird teary-eyed.



She then expressed her gratitude towards both GMA and ABS-CBN and the overwhelming joy she feels as she ventures to a new chapter in her career in a live video.



ABS-CBN appearances!

So far, she’s appeared in multiple Kapamilya shows such as: GGV, Rated K, and It’s Showtime (Those high notes though… <3).



Watch out for Regine as a Kapamilya Star!

The ‘Dadalhin’ singer mentioned some of the shows lined up for her by the Kapamilya network. Including hosting the upcoming reality show, ‘Pinoy Idol’ and being part of the longest-running musical variety show in the PH, ‘ASAP‘.


You can see the joy and excitement in the Songbird’s eyes in her appearances in the network. We are proud of the this OPM belting queen and we support her wherever her career may take her. Also, we can’t wait to gag over her upcoming performances!



So what do you think? Did Regine Velasquez’ return as a Kapamilya star had you shookt to the core? Are you an RVF? Are you happy about this whole shebang? Let us know in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Let’s get our inner RVF (Regine Velasquez Fan) out together!

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