LATEST DROP: Branches Studio Version by Ben&Ben

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Realizing their art, embracing their identity, and moving forward—Ben&Ben is set off to gift us with two releases. First off, is Branches Studio Version by Ben&Ben!


In a world as competitive as the music industry, it is common to lose yourself as an artist along the way. The industry will always demand the most marketable sound and with the desire to make it, you’ll comply and altogether forget who you really are. Luckily, Ben&Ben isn’t one of those. November 9 at midnight, ‘Branches’ Studio Version by Ben&Ben was released. Marking their recognition of the sound they want people to remember them for.


Another heart-felt song, an anthem for moving on


After their well-deserved success from ‘Exes Baggage‘, ‘Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka’ and ‘Goyo” soundtracks, Ben&Ben brought out a sound that is their own. It is astonishing how this band repeatedly surprises us with their incredible music.


I’m ready to go

Wherever the road

Will take my soul


The 9-piece ‘Kathang Isip‘ hitmaker released the song ‘Branches’ that talks about acceptance and moving on. The single is an offspring of their artistic fervor and illumined introspection and is 1/2 of their promised songs that will be out this November.


My heart is my own

I carry on, I carry on


After listening to the song, it touched a part of us that almost caused our hearts to explode with emotion. It was heart-warming and tear-jerking. It is a potential anthem for those who seek themselves and want to brave onwards in life.



The songs brought us by this group never disappoint. They made us fall in love, broke our hearts, and most importantly, move on in the short time of their career. We see so much growth for the band and we are proud that they have realized their sound and decided to stick to it. A new era of Ben&Ben is dawning and we are all thrilled to see what else they have in store.


So be sure to add ‘Branches’ on your playlist now!


Have you listened to Branches studio version by Ben&Ben? If so, did you cry? If not, go grab your earphones sit in a corner and listen to it! After doing so, let us know what you think of it leaving a comment below! Or we could share more of our feelings in our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’ll wait. 😉

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