LATEST DROP: Nag-iisa Live Performance – Shanne Dandan

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Shanne Dandan holds us hostage with her Nag-iisa Live Performance! And we are telling you, this singer’s voice is truly oh so powerful!


We bet you’ve heard the news when Shanne Dandan released her first single last September entitled ‘Nag-iisa.’ And when we thought we couldn’t love her song any more than we already do, she just have to stun as yet again with her Nag-iisa Live Performance!


You’ve known Shanne Dandan as the 13-year old contestant for the first ever The Voice Philippines under Coach Lea Salonga. And you also know her as the first ever Born To Be A Star winner back in 2016.


Haven’t seen her ‘Nag-iisa’ Live Performance with Halo-Halo Radio Sessions yet? Don’t worry, we gotchu covered!


This petite Filipina is quite not done, isn’t she? Because her voice is stronger than ever!


Shanne Dandan is no longer the child we’ve first seen performing on television. She definitely grew and nurtured in her music—the indie broadway diva we’ve all been waiting for.


The way she performs her song could hold her audience hostage and trapped because of how powerful her delivery is. She sings right from the heart that’s why you could definitely feel the emotions etched in her lyrics and her music. Shanne Dandan doesn’t only have the singing talent, but she also have the capability to hypnotize and carry you away when she performs.


We were already captivated by her single ‘Nag-iisa’ two months ago. So it was an utter shock that we had a brand new goosebumps experience with it when we watched this live performance! Shanne Dandan is truly born to be a star.



Can’t get enough of ‘Nag-iisa’ and Shanne Dandan? Then maybe you should check out its official music video now!



And we’re pretty sure we know what you want to do next—add ‘Nag-iisa’ to your Spotify playlist!



We just can’t wait to see what’s next for this diva! What about you? What do you think of the Nag-iisa Live Performance! Share it to us by dropping by in the comment sections below! Or better yet, slide in through our  Facebook page or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!

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