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RECAP: All The Way Up Dance Competition: Round 6

The All The Way Up Dance Competition Round 6 contestants danced their way to the top and it was INTENSE! We got the hot deets for you right here.   Last Saturday (September 22, 2018), was another wave of the hottest batch of aspiring young dancers! They showcased their amazing talents on the dance floor […]

TIME CAPSULE: End of an Era (B-side Makati Closing Party)

You must’ve heard about it by now—the impending closure of that iconic bar and gigs venue at The Collective, Makati. And yes, we do agree that with the B-side Makati closing party, it is in fact the end of an era.   ‘End of an Era’ is the official title of the B-side Makati closing […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Karpos 2.2 and 3.1

Clear your schedules and ready your wallets, guys because your favorite mix is back with Karpos 2.2 and 3.1 this October!   All thanks to Karpos Multimedia, we witnessed some of the hottest music events in the country this 2018, and now we have Karpos 2.2 and 3.1!   It all started this June with […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: October Foreign Concerts in Manila

Time flies so fast and October’s almost here!  And we’ve got the list of foreign concerts in Manila happening next month.   We’re welcoming some of the BIGGEST foreign concerts in Manila this October, so get ready ’cause this is gonna be a siiiick list.     October 5 – Sam Smith: THE THRILL OF […]

FASHION: 4 of Our Favorite Local Merch from the Philippines

Local merch in the Philippines are some of the best in the world. Why, you ask? First of all, it’s homegrown. Second of all, it’s exactly the way WE (and by ‘we’, we mean YOU) want it!   Think about it, we usually buy merch to support the artists and characters we love—whether fictional or […]

ENCORE FEATURE: ‘Terrorist’ by Yohi

Today, we commemorate the anniversary of Proclamation No. 1081, better known as the Martial Law declaration of September 21, 1972. And we’re reminded by a track called ‘Terrorist’ by Yohi.   TerrorisT by Yohi was released last May on Spotify and iTunes, and we think today is the best day for you to play it […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Unique Salonga Grandma Tour

The Unique Salonga Grandma tour is happening in just a few days, and we’ve got all the hot details you need right here! We first featured the Unique Salonga Grandma tour last July, and since then a lot of exciting things had happened. And for you to be updated we’ve rounded them up for you […]

All The Way Up Dance Competition Round 6 & 7: Rising Up To Victory

Dope threads, cool beats, and sick moves! That’s what went down at the All The Way Up Dance Competition Round 6 & 7 as they rise up to victory!   Crews left the dance floor on fire after All The Way Up Competition’s Round 5 showdown. From the outstanding choreography to the slick costumes, and down […]

MIND BLOWING COLLABS: Shanti Dope X IV of Spades – Sa Kahapon

Shanti Dope and IV of Spades, aka IV of Shanti, just BROKE GENRE STEREOTYPES with their original collab song ‘SA KAHAPON’. CONSIDER OUR JAWS DROPPED!   The Shanti Dope and IV of Spades collab was something that shookt us. Ever since the collab was announced, everyone’s been wondering how a rather bizarre pair-up could work. […]

ENCORE FEATURE: December Avenue – Why They’re Such A Fan Favorite

December Avenue is an ALT-ROCK band popular for their powerful HUGOT songs. You know what we’re talking about. After all, they’ve been rocking it out with fans for a decade now!   Composed of Zel Bautista, Jem Manuel, Don Gregorio, Jet Danao and Gelo Cruz December Avenue has been a fan favorite, and our dat can […]