ON QUEUE: Unique Salonga Grandma Tour

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The Unique Salonga Grandma tour is happening in just a few days, and we’ve got all the hot details you need right here!


We first featured the Unique Salonga Grandma tour last July, and since then a lot’s happened. And we’ll be rounding them up for you in this post.


But before that, here are the other artists you’ll be meeting, as we’re sure they’ll be performing alongside Unique in his tour. Meet O/C Records.

How do we know? Well, if only for Earl Generao‘s tweet about the Grandma Tour September 28 line-up, it looks like Unique will be touring alongside his fellow musicians from O/C Records.


Here’s the tweet we’re talking about:

On the Grandma Tour’s September 29 show at Kia Theatre, Unique will be performing with Earl Generao, Bita and the Botflies, and Rice Lucido. All these artists are from Unique’s current label, and we can’t wait for all of them to perform with the now-solo artist.


It looks like it’s going to be one packed show, so make sure you get your tickets NOW!



VVIP – 3,922 PHP

VIP – 2.650 PHP

Orchestra – 2,120 PHP

Loge – 1,272 PHP

Balcony – 848 PHP


As we’ve mentioned before, some fans are reacting that the prices for Grandma Tour are a bit pricey. But don’t fret ’cause there are bundles and discounts you can avail!


Here’s a tweet from Viva Live Inc. that they posted on September 18:


Hope that this convinces you to get those tickets! If not, well, maybe this list of tea that makes the Grandma Tour more interesting will convince you.

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BONUS! We really just love this guy.


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We hope that this is enough for you to check out the first show of the Unique Salonga Grandma Tour. *sips* We’re definitely excited for it, and not just ’cause of all the ~*drama*~. We’ll be there for the music too!

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