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HOTTEST EVENTS: Last Batch for the Squad Category of All The Way Up Round Three

August 16, 2018 UDOU TEAM

Two elimination rounds came by and left us with a total of fourteen teams. These crews survived the first two parts of the All The Way Up Dance Competition: seven from the first round and seven from the second round. This Friday August 17, it’s time to pick the advancing dance crews from All The Way Up round three’s line-up of dancers aspiring to get their name out into the public. Here’s the last batch of the crews joining the Squad Team category for round three.





This crew of ten dancers obviously has one goal: to get through All The Way Up round three and reach the Grand Finals to prove that, yes, they do deserve it. Support the crew by downloading the Afterparty app through their unique link here:






They might be young, but they certainly aren’t new to the competitive world of dance. They were proclaimed as champions in the BeastMode Youth Division. They placed second at the BattleGrounds Philippines and Domination Philippines Minions Division. Internationally, the crew was a finalist for the UDO Dance Championship in China. They also represented the country at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2018 and Domination International both of which were held in Australia. Support this group of kids by downloading the Afterparty app through their unique link here:






This crew is ready to dance their way at the All The Way Up round three. With overflowing passion and one source of motivation, these dancers are more than ready to groove on the dance floor at URBNQC. Their members include Joseph Mejias, Marvin Gomez, Jonathan Nabus, Jhon Ranbhel Gaviola, Christian Bercis, Patrick Tugot, Lucky Guevarra, Ezekel Sanchez, Ryn Villggas, Rey Requina, Jhayvee Jhiboy, and Aaron Lazaro. Support the crew by downloading the Afterparty app through this link:






From Tondo Manila, this crew carries a wide collection of awards. In 2016, they placed second at Dragon 8 Dance Competition and were also proclaimed as the Motolite Champion 2016. The following year, they ranked fifth at the Luzon Leg Hiphop International 2017, ranked fourth at the Super Division on Dance 4 Life 2017. This year, before aiming for the All The Way Up Dance Competition Champion title, they already placed first at the Don Bosco Makati SayaJuan 2018. Support their crew by downloading the Afterparty app through this link:





This might be the last crew on the list, but they certainly aren’t the least when it comes to talent and passion. To be honest, no one really is. Their members include Errol Navarro, Maynard Smith, Joed Eugenio, Ron Jimuel Alfonso, Xydney Baylon, Aze Vitales, Ezekiel Quiminales, Luken Gubaton, Arnold Tiongson, Ivan Bendecio, Jovelyn Duran, and Joanna Suarez. Support the crew by downloading the Afterparty app through this link:




All The Way Up round three’s line-up of Fire Teams is all set to bring the crowd and excitement only at URBNQC this Friday! Head over and join in the fun. Follow the Afterparty Facebook page for the latest updates. In the meantime, while we’re getting through Thursday, check out elimination round three’s teaser below.