Where To Buy Vinyl Records In The Metro

Where to buy vinyl records

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Vinyl records never go out of style—they’re one of those vintage stuff that will always have a special place in any music-lovers’ heart. And since retro’s becoming the new hype again, they’re getting more recognition than ever.


But the question falls on where to buy vinyl records, especially in this era of Spotify and YouTube—makes you wonder if they’re actually still out there, or if you can still buy them on the cheap.


We’ve got you covered! Check out some of these cool spots:


Gold Digger Records

What I love about Gold Digger Records is that it’s perfectly organized from new wave to rock music. You can also score other vintage equipment like turntables. This heavenly place is just located in the heart of Cubao expo, so you can just pass by before you go out drinking with your friends.



If someone asks me where to buy vinyl records, Satchmi is probably my first answer. It’s also a cafe selling records and turntables—what a cool way to have your daily cup of Joe. They have records from soul to jazz to rock, so you’ll definitely have a whole lot of choices. The best part? They hold annual Satchmi Vinyl Day where you can watch your favorite local bands for free! It’s located at 4F SM Megamall Fashion Hall.


The Grey Market

The Grey Market is the best place to visit if you have the whole day to browse the shelf for vinyl records. They have thousands on hand, even sealed ones from OPM and Japanese pressed. Plus, their turntables are so cute they come in pastel colors, which make them a perfect collectible. It’s located along Katipunan, QC.


Treskul Records & Cafe

Another record shop-cafe combination, Treskul has hip hop, OPM, and soul music that you’ll surely love. Here, you can score the cheapest prices of hip-hop, punk, jazz, soul, DJ, rock, and new wave records. They also buy and trade vinyl records, in case you’re tired of your old ones. It’s located in Cifra Bldg, Boni Ave, Mandaluyong.


Now you know where to buy vinyl records in the metro, you definitely should give these places a visit. But please do note that there are dos and donts when visiting a record store, so don’t just scan the shelf as if you’re buying clothes at a thrift store. Record store hopping is a good way to discover old and new music of all genres that you can also share to your friends.


Plus, listening on vinyl sounds more whole than digital, not to mention the fact that it’s quite an experience to browse the shelf for old records!


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