Important Update on Arcadia 2018: First Indoor Rave in Mindanao moved to August 18, 2018

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Important Update on Arcadia 2018:

As per our partner Manic Nightnings Productions, Arcadia 2018 will be moved from its original date, March 17, 2018, to August 18, 2018, this is due to unforeseen circumstances and miscommunication. The management of the venue (The Tent, Azuela Cove) disallowed any events before the long-awaited international sports event happening at the same venue the week after “Araw ng Davao” weekend to avoid chances of any disruptions or delays for the setup and preparations of the sports event, despite our early booking last November 23,2017.

Manic Nightnings Productions exhausted all efforts and options just to try and push through with Arcadia 2018.  However, moving the date will then defeat the purpose of celebrating “Araw ng Davao”. Thus, we are announcing the postponement of  ARCADIA 2018 in line with “Araw ng Davao”, but we are excited to present you with a bigger and better Kadayawan 2018 – ARCADIA;  with even better performances from International DJ’s with the best DJs in the Philippines.

If you’ve purchased tickets or was able to get a table, please contact the reseller/establishment where you purchased your tickets/table. The refunds are already available, just make sure to have your receipts and ID’s with you.

As for our live game and bar tour game winners; don’t fret. We will still carry your names on for your free tickets to ARCADIA – on August 18, 2018.

Again from the whole of Arcadia 2018. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, we know that you have been waiting for this (so have we!), But! Don’t worry, all good things never end!  We will see you on August 18, 2018! A bigger, better and a much more anticipated Kadayawan 2018 – ARCADIA! Thank you for the undying support and we will see you on AUGUST 18, 2018!

From all of us here in Manila, we would like to wish you all out there an amazing celebration of Araw ng Davao! Have a festive week ahead! Don’t forget to patronize your local bars and support the line up of festivities that our local government has prepared for you!

Happy Araw ng Dabaw! 🎉

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