Mission Accomplished: Wanderland Music Festival 2018, another Game completed

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Game Start!

The Wanderers joined yet again for another chapter of Wanderland’s Music Festival last March 10, 2018 at Filinvest City Events Grounds, Alabang.

Gates opened up around 12:00 PM;  Wanderers from all over joined in the fun as they streamed inside the events ground. This years theme is Wanderland Pixels;

Roaming around the grounds, you’d see all areas packed with a ton of attractions that are staying true to this years’ theme.  It was a colorful mix of pixels here and there that has amassed wanderers to level-up their wanderland experience as they sectioned off into the different surprises in store for them.

Wandertokens, the Wanderland Game Plan, the Art Market & Arcade

This year’s Wanderland grounds was definitely amplified by the introduction of gamified contraptions complete with a game plan (map), wanderer’s very own currency and a whole lot of gaming experience found scattered around their events grounds; specifically on their Art Market & Arcade.

It was a pure marketing genius, to say the least. Wanderland has continued to establish a “cult” following through the strengthening of their event experience, each time; this years’ festival is not an exception to that. Karpos Multimedia with Globe has ensured a Wanderland Pixel experience like no other.

The Main Game Players

Kodaline and Lauv along with our very own IV of Spades and Quest hit up the stage with an electrifying performance that really got wanderers craving for more. While the infectious beats of Bag Raiders swept our feet off the ground!

It was indeed a night to remember, with soulful performances from Jess Connely , Jhené Aiko and Ben & Ben. Another great night for every wanderer out there.

My two cents

Music Festivals for me are an expression of the soul; it is a gathering of like-minded souls to celebrate an art most tangibly recognized as music. It is a sacred gathering that enables one’s mind to re-align with their souls’ heartbeat.

Wanderland was supposedly something like that; to my dismay, it has begun a trend of a superficial instagrammable music festivals that capitalizes and is heavily commercialized; selling an overpriced and overreaching experiece in its hyped brand name.

Again, these are my views and is not reflective of udou.ph; you can sue me or get mad at me, I don’t care. But I just had to share it. Gone are the days when people experience music for the raw joy that it brings; no strings attached.

Nowadays, music festivals are likened to a character’s armor upgrade in games; it is a superficial stature addition to one’s social status; in the age of social media, insta stories and fb timelines; attending wanderland is a big plus.

I’m not really to keen on it. The headliners are not as “indie” as wanderland’s brand boasts it to be. The event itself is just another music festival that is used to prey on avid music lovers.

But hey, not to ruin your wanderland experience, if you’ve enjoyed it then there’s really nothing to my rant. But if you think event organizers, promoters and brand sponsors should be more in tune with what music enthusiasts love; then hit me up with your comments!

* Pictures grabbed from the Offical Community FB Page of Wanderland. Photos are by: Kris Rocha, Magic Liwanag, Charles Villaruz, & Ber Garcia, Karen de la Fuente, Iya Forbes, Kyle Aguas


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