Celebrating International Women’s day with the Three Queens of OPM Rock

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March 8 is set to be this year’s International Women’s Day; in celebration of it, U do U is taking this time to give a huge shout out to the hailed Three Queens of OPM Rock.

This year’s International Women’s Day focuses more on pressing for progress, in line with its theme; we wanted to showcase our very own OPM Queens who have been resilient and passionate about their musical careers; which of whom have stood strong throughout the test of time. They are considered to be the counterparts of the Three Kings of OPM Rock in the country, and rightfully so, these women have every right to be deemed, queens.

Presenting the Three Queens…

1. Kat Taylor of Saydie

Saydie, (Kat Taylor, Karl Kliatchko, Monx Arguelles, Lehmann Flores, Kurt Corpus, Josh Madrid)

“A forceful and visceral sound that fails the criteria of mediocrity.” – on their Music

Saydie, a pioneer in the female fronted metal bands in the country started way back in April 2003. With hit singles “Krolithika” and “Lie”, its of no surprise that the band grew a huge following in such a short period of time, “Saydiestas” is what evolved from their music, their very own “cult” group.

Queen Kat,

Kat Taylor, their lead vocals, is described to be a humble beautiful woman inside and out; she is probably one of the very few women who paved the way for female fronted metal bands in the country, and with her voice that resonates strength, vigor, and power whose to say otherwise?

Kat, is not only the face of Saydie, but she is also a mother to two wonderful sons; a loving wife and one of the reigning queens of OPM metal rock in the Philippines, an honor bestowed to not just any woman. She is considered to be one of those who has catapulted the OPM rock industry to greater heights with her musical contribution and Saydie’s aggressive sound and expression.

2. Ramona Cecilia Muñoz of Philia

Philia, Beauty & Madness all at once (Mona Munoz, X Uy,  Paulo Pampuan, JL Siscar, Ash Heywood)

“Creation and destruction are one, to the eyes who can see beauty.” -Savitri Devi

Philia, a band known for a decade of evolving music from the band’s earlier material inspired by bands like Pantera, Machine Head, Otep and Archenemy, to their apparent evolution to today’s gratifyingly nastier, more haunting rhythm.

Ramona, better known as Arci Muñoz, is not just the lead vocals of the band but is also one of the song writers; but apart from her hauntingly melodic deep voice, she is also a known celebrity in her own right with countless TV shows and movie deals; Mona (as better known in the rock music scene) is definitely not-your average singer/celebrity. She is definitely one of the queens of rock, with her own prowess and influence especially to their very own Mafia Philia’s all around the country.

3. Trish Reyes of EVEN

EVEN, (Trish Reyes , Jam Bumanlag , JL Siscar , Dan Allan Acosta)


The band that is closest to my heart, EVEN, the 2008 Redhorsebeer Muziklaban Grand Champion whose main Genre falls under Metal & Electronica has been a mainstay favorite for over 10 years now. With songs, I’ve listened to from the halls of Perfecto, my college building to their more mature and evolved music of now comes their newest lead vocal.

On Trish, the Doll-like Angel,

Trish, who is also an amazing mom and one of the band’s songwriter, is possibly best known for her doll-like features but don’t let this fool you; She is also greatly acknowledged for her angelic voice that resonates a different flair to the mix of their heavily mixed songs. Truly, a queen fit to be one of the three reigning queens of OPM Rock in the country.

There you have it, our top 3 queens of OPM Rock! Here’s a toast to all of our Music Heroines out there! Not just today, but with all the coming ones too, with their tenacity, vibrancy and unequaled depth for their ability to front and break ground into a supposed “man’s territory” – Rock; these women are truly worthy of being called “QUEENS”. 

With over 30 years of combined experience, these three are unstoppable. They will continue to innovate and disrupt the Rock scene with their amplified voices and their allure, that of which has put OPM Rock on a different playing ground for all music enthusiasts out there.

Check out their upcoming gigs on their own respective Official FB Pages on the link provided below:

Saydie   –      Philia  –   EVEN

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*Photos were taken by Nyll Acosta, with the top one and bottom one exclusions; Top Photo taken by Raymund Lloyd Tonolete; and bottom photo by Morii Chester Bennington Juana. 

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