How Afterparty’s App Relaunch is the answer to your Social Boredom

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Social Boredom, does it exist? Yes, yes it does – It might be a contradictory phrase. I agree, but it is what’s out there. It is what It is. A simple definition of the elephant in the room that we all seem to have avoided talking about. With a bombardment of social platforms, it seems that we’re all connected and engaged. But, is it really?


I would simply get real and say NO. I am a part of the millennials era but my age bracket was more fortunate to have experienced the pre-millennial phase of society. Which was downright more fun and social, in comparison to what we experience now.


It is one of the greatest contradiction ever, in an age where there’s a plethora of instant stimulation at our disposal; why do we still get bored? Well, only one thing comes to mind – we are overstimulated.


It is a worldwide theory that this ennui branched out from the ease and convenience brought upon by advancements in our technology. I mean, c’mon, having a way to instantly chat with someone from miles away is an understated power that we hold. But how can we address such boredom?

How do we fix it?

Go back to the basics, I say with a balance of the old and the new.


This is just my own theory, but going back to the good old times, I remember getting so psyched whenever me and my gang would hang out after school. We’d always have a blast just talking, sharing our new found music interests and well listening to it while we break down commentaries on how it made us feel.


Great times! We didn’t get distracted by “pings” on our mobile phones, or get irritated with what our so-called friends posted on IG or Twitter. It was simply a divine moment to connect and share.


How I wish we can go back to such a moment in time; but as fate would dictate otherwise, we have the next best thing.


Thankfully, (personally) I got to be acquainted with a platform that boasts an interface that will bridge these two together, and because it is innately awesome; I took the chance and jumped on board with the team.  That’s how insanely amazing for me, this platform is. As you might have guessed, I’m talking about Afterparty.


First, what is Afterparty?


You might have come across Afterparty, once or twice because of its amazing contests and raving festivals. But, are you aware of how BIG and PACKED with value in actuality Afterparty is?


You got that right! Afterparty is not merely just an events app where you get to earn rewards; it is so much more! But, before we get down to the specifics, let me just cover the basics.


Afterparty is a disruptor platform like Uber & Airbnb. It is simply an application that has everything you need (socially); it boasts a lot of in-app features to have you invite, connect and earn.


Here’s a list of Afterparty’s Features:


  1. INVITE to EVENTS Feature through contests. Yeap, you’ve read it right. Get to join the hottest and most talked about events through a contest! Aside from premium passes, you also get a chance to win free drinks and other sponsored freebies!                                                    All you have to do is share the invite link from the app to your Facebook account and have your friends download Afterparty. The person with the most invite downloads (active installs on unique devices) will win! Simple as that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            P.S: Don’t believe us? Check our latest contest winner, here.
  2. CONNECT with like-minded people through an in-app GAME feature. Introducing yourself has never been this fun and easy! All you have to do is to open up the app and wait for the Afterparty Chuzi Game feature to activate. Afterparty brings you a whole new level of awesomeness in your social experience. With Afterparty’s Chuzi Game, you get to role-play being on the hit TV show The Bachelor/Bachelorette. The game works by presenting you with 3 verified profiles from an event you plan on joining, You then get to chose which ONE you’re interested to CONNECT with, then just swipe right and you get to have a 33% chance of engaging with them (if they also tagged you); if you did not get a notification confirming a CONNECTION, don’t worry – what Afterparty does is to send out that swipe into the person’s profile and he/she can now get that chance to connect with you! A new interesting way to check the odds if they are in your favor! Once it is, you get to automatically send an in-app messaging notification to her/his profile stating that you want to connect! (Unlike traditional apps) Afterparty’s Chuzi game eliminates the “first person” contact dread we all have. So whether you’re shy at first, afterparty made sure by getting you covered so you can enjoy a new connection full of possibilities that are endless!                                                              
  3. EARN amazing rewards by joining in-app game features. This is possibly the most unique feature of Afterparty. It lets you join contests, promotions and other interactive deals that will get you good chances of getting great premium passes, tickets, merchandise and other sponsored freebies from your favorite brands! All you have to do is to share Afterparty to your community, let them experience this one of a kind application that made it possible to amplify and better your social experience like never before.                                                 

  4. STAY in touch with the latest trends and news on your favorite artists, brands, and well anything under the sun with UDOU.PH, a growing blog medium that enables its followers to read about the latest news, happenings on their favorite artists. As well as to read up on some of the most interesting lifestyle, relationship, music and fashion bits. Afterparty presents, a blog that is on a league of its own as it presents its readers with tips, thoughts, and content that elevates and inspires rather than it stresses or shoves ideas and theories to its viewers.                                                                                                                                                                                            
  5. Get a chance to MEET & GREET your favorite artists. Get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see your favorite artists/bands by gaining access backstage with Afterparty! Grab that selfie and pose with your top idols as Afterparty brings you closer to them!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this unique chance now and be one of our VIP Afterpartyers where you get a chance to cultivate a culture of fun while you connect and enjoy the hottest an latest events, concerts, and festivals in the whole country!


Check out its major relaunch happening this March 9, 2018! Don’t miss out on a sleeker, sexier and more polished Afterparty.


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AfterParty is your one-stop app for all your event needs. Get free tickets and win prizes from sponsors. AfterParty is now available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.

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