The Vaccines Return with Peppy New Single ‘I Can’t Quit’

The Vaccines performing live

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The Vaccines are spot on with their new single—we really can’t quit the song! “I Can’t Quit” leads as the first full single from their upcoming album “Combat Sports”.


Losing Sight


If handled properly, bad situations can pave the way for great outcomes. When The Vaccines ended the album cycle for “English Graffiti”, their third album, the members were in bad shape. The album didn’t flop but The Vaccines themselves knew that they had more or less lost sight of their identity as band. Drummer Pete Robertson left the band as a trio and frontman Justin Young, guitarist Freddie Cowan, and bassist Árni Árnason were in the dark.


“I Can’t Quit”



With the addition of touring musicians Tim Lanham and Yoann Intoni as official band members, The Vaccines were able gain more than what they initially lost. “I Can’t Quit” stands a grand welcome to their fourth album “Combat Sports” and has a whiff of nostalgia for fans who have been around since their debut. Their signature lively guitar riffs are accompanied by just the right amount of backing vocals, making sure not to overshadow Young’s electrifying vocals.


The chorus is composed of two lines: “I can’t quit / I’m over it” and backed by a faint “I’m so dramatic” creates the illusion we’ve found ourselves in at least once in this lifetime. Like a note to self, Young harbors his contempt against an ex-lover and her new beau all while pretending like it no longer bothers him. On top of that, his flexibility as a vocalist is evident with his raw vocal prowess during the verses and his soft control over the bridges.


Even though The Vaccines lost their touch with “English Graffiti”, 2018 is looking to be a great year for the five-piece. Grab your copy of “Combat Sports” on March 30!


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