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Lions & Acrobats’ Sophomore Album is Anything but ‘Mundane’

UDOU PH had the honor of joining Red Ninja Productions and Lions & Acrobats for the exclusive listening party of “Mundane,” the band’s sophomore album to be released later this October. Vocalist Icoy Rapadas, guitarists Jim Lopez, Carlo Lava, and Andrew Son, drummer Pedro Tumibay, and bassist Oteph Tumambing sat across us like a police lineup. Members of […]

Silent Sanctuary Entwines with the Manila Symphony Orchestra

As the elongated stretch of Ayala Avenue quickly filled up with commuters itching to get home, a different pack defied the woes of traffic inside Ayala Museum. Aptly entitled “The Manila Symphony Orchestra Rush Hour Concert Series,” a jam-packed hall consisting of friends and fans sat down to listen to Classics vs. Rock: Silent Sanctuary […]

Autotelic, Ebe Dancel Sing in Coke Studio PH Holiday Special

Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala return with a holiday special of Coke Studio PH! All original seven artist pairings came back to work on renditions of popular Christmas songs as part of the celebrations. Prior to showing us their works, we got a glimpse of how much Filipinos really value the holidays; big and delicious […]

Leonard Cohen’s Final Book to be Released Next Year

A selection of new material by the late Leonard Cohen will be released under the title “The Flame” next October. The selection and order of the poems were handpicked by Cohen himself before he passed away last November 2016.   The Very Reverend Freud   Born in Canada on September 1934, Leonard Cohen started his […]

Djakarta Warehouse Project Releases Full Lineup

After the success that DWP 2016 brought with 90.000 attendees filling up the venue, DWP is back with a bigger lineup for this year!   A Different Dance Music Experience   Last year’s DWP was such a hit that made it them Asia’s largest dance music event. Because of this, they’re determined to keep the […]

Vote for Your Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Class of 2018

19 of the music industry’s most influential artists have been nominated as part of the 2018 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Unlike the previous classes, none of this year’s nominees were proposed to be inducted during their first year of eligibility.   A Quick Rundown   The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame saw […]

Momol Playlist: 8 Steamy OPM Tunes to Get You In The Mood

Rainy days are just around the corner and you thought to yourself that you wanted to kick up the heat a notch. You texted a girl with a wink emoji on it’s name, and a dirty smile on your face when she replied positively.   You immediately lit those scented candles you impulsively bought, dimmed the lights […]

Why Relaxing Music Helps While Studying, Reading

Music does indeed help in concentration during studying thanks to proven statistics and science. Here’s also a playlist suited for memorizing or writing that thesis down.   Smartphones and music streaming services paved the way for easy access to your favorite artists at any time of the day. Studying has also become easier thanks to […]

The Academic Uses Facebook Live To Loop Latest Single

Live streaming an event through Facebook Live is becoming a thing nowadays but it is a given fact that it has a slight delay whenever people watch it.   Westmeath, Ireland indie-rock band The Academic used this delay to their advantage and looped their latest single “Bear Claws” using Facebook Live.   First-Of-Its-Kind Craig, Matt, […]