Getting to know Emoji Records

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After the success of the first ever Bass N’ Bacon, we wanted to hangout the guys of Emoji Records to get to know the group who pushes for the undiscovered EDM music producers in the industry.

We were welcomed by Jared (BSTRDPRNCE), Velle, Nicky Montes, and Theo Martel and shared their goals for their label as well as some insights about the music industry that you are going to totally want to learn about.  We got the deets for you!

Emoji Records


Emoji records is a record label which started last year. Starting out as a collective, they knew they needed a platform to put out music – for them and for a lot of artists.

More than a label, Emoji Records is a movement –

Discovering EDM outside of Manila


“There’s really no excuse to not do anything about your music.”

Jared, one of the founders of Emoji, speaks highly of their artists from different parts of the Philippines – such as Theo Martel from Antique, Dimas from Iloilo, Nicky Montes from Bacolod – that they, too, deserve the spotlight – maybe even in the international stage.

For just a label who is just starting out, Emoji have created different avenues to start empower different movements towards the EDM industry. One of them is their very own blogsite –

Velle recalls some of the artists from the province that they have featured on,

Velle: “The spotlight’s in Manila – it’s too much. We neglect that there is really more talents outside Manila. And for kids who want to expand more on their music journey, or just as musicians, you just have to work hard towards what you want. The internet’s just there, there’s wifi everywhere. There’s really no excuse to not do anything about your music.”

Moreover, Jared feels that the EDM industry is ripe for its “next step”.

Jared: “I think the only next move for this EDM industry that we have is forward. Somehow we have to coexist (with other artists); we have to put aside the whole ideals – na, putangina, masmagaling siya… Like what you guys represent di ba? You do you… you don’t have to prove to anyone, you just have to prove to yourself. That’s what emoji is all about.”

Ultimately, Emoji aims to give a platform to all deserving artists. They aim to empower that everyone can make music in this day and age.

One thing is certain when you hang out with the Emoji guys – they are all about the fun – remember Bass N’ Bacon? More on the later!

Other than fun, Emoji aims to shed a light towards putting the “business” in music business. It’s not always about the fun –

The Music Business – The Common Mistakes of Young Artists

“They just take whatever it is that you give to them, as long as it pays, as long as they can put music out – they will bite it. “

For the group, there could be two sides to making music – making money and making music “because you fucking love music”. OR you can be both.

Velle, besides being one music person – she sings and plays a bunch of instruments, she also handles Emoji’s PR.

Velle: “For someone like me who’s just starting out and trying to make a name for herself, parang, I wouldn’t call it compromising if it’s something that allows me to learn in the process… I think, life is about constant growth and if you have passion for something, you won’t close yourself to other avenues to let you grow into something that you love most.”

Nicky, CFO and artist,  has a complete different approach for the music business. He’s young but best believe he knows what’s up –

Nicky: “For me, I’ve been in the industry for not that long, but long enough to understand everything.
Well, I arrange music for my grandfather (off the record *wink*), I don’t want to say his name because I swore before to not use his name to be in this industry… So yeah, I arrange music for his shows, musicals. I was in highschool.

After that I made, music for a music label (again, off the record *wink*)… as an arranger, but your not really an artist. Basically, you give them your rights to your music. But you still earn from the royalties of the music.
That’s a good experience for a starter; because every musican starting out, it feels good if someone ask them to make music for them. It feels good to earn something from your music.

But in the long run, this is the common mistake of a musician.

They just take whatever it is that you give to them, as long as it pays, as long as they can put music out – they will bite it. That’s why one of the things that we work out with our (Emoji) artists as well is to teach them what’s behind the business because most of them, they don’t know it.”

Jared: “Sometimes you get screwed over.”

Jared, besides emoji, he’s signed under Viva Records; he felt that his creative freedom is being taken away from him. Hence, for him, Emoji stands for the freedom to express.

Nicky: “You don’t really see a lot of people that will give you a chance to be you. Sometimes people would rahter take advantage because they know that you have something new to offer. Because every business looks for that “something new”.

I’m all for making- music- to- express- shit, but behind that what I’m aiming to share is that it IS a business.”

We learned so much from the Emoji guys from one sitting, and one thing we really wanted to know is if there’s a Bass N’ Bacon 2 in the works –

Bass N’ Bacon

Nicky: “Bass N’ Bacon was a bullshit story…”
Velle: “… that was successful.”

Emoji may have started the idea for this event as a joke but, heck, look at the out come!

Velle: “Our expected audience was 50-80 people… All of a sudden we started seeing the numbers (in the event page) going to hundreds… until before we opened the doors, umabot pa siya ng 600. We were getting really nervous.”

The group expected the first Bass N’ Bacon to be intimate, fun, and free. Luckily, the guys did not experience any mishaps during the event despite the overflow of partyers – yes, us included. It was one hell of a party! They wanted the first event to make a mark as “emoji”, they declined partners and other brands because they want to focus more on their own thing.

Jared: “We invited you guys because you guys are cool. We’re not here to do politics, to do business. We just want to invite you guys because you guys are important to us.”

So are there any plans for the next one?

Velle: Right now, were kind of planning the second one. We’re getting sponsors na parang it’s still surreal na ganon kadami yung gustong magkaroon ng part (in the event).”

Jared: “We still want to keep it authentic. Like, fucking, come or not. Because it’s a movement. It’s a way to showcase local artistry, it’s our way to show that you can have fun outside the usual night. At the same time, we wanna keep that authenticity na, the main thing, it’s fun.”

Watch out for Emoji and their artists!

As our interview got deeper and, actually, weirder – we had the guys say a couple of fun facts about them – like, which of them is deaf in one ear? which one is scared of flying cockroaches…

Everyone. But, anyway,

As we’re about to end, we ask them about their personal goals for Emoji. Well, you’ve heard of Nicky’s answer in the video (Road to Ultra, hit us up!).

Velle: “For everyone to have that spotlight, to be recognized for all the things that they could do because these guys are amazing… Seeing them work individually and together, it’s quite a sight and it’s inspiring. It’s about time naman na these guys get the spotlight. And you know, for people to see them, or rather, us – because we’re a team – maybe, it will inspire them to also do things about the things that they are passionate about.”

Jared: “To give a platform to all these deserving artists. We wanna set a standard that everyone can make music now.

To get to know more of Emoji Records, like their page:

See you on the next Bass N’ Bacon?

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